But it does mean we'll never be out of work

This pilot fish is responsible for supporting a small business network -- 20 users, one server, a shared server Web site -- when he gets a frantic call for support one day.

"The Web site was so slow, the customers were timing out," fish reports. "The Internet was stalled for all 20 users, and e-mail was crashing."

He heads for the site and checks the network settings, but nothing obvious is wrong -- except that everything is grinding to a halt.

It's while fish is sitting at the boss's PC that he notices something unusual: The e-mail client seems to be checking for mail very frequently.

He checks the settings -- and discovers that someone has set it up to check the e-mail server every 60 seconds.

"Turns out it was the administrative assistant," grumbles fish. "She was trying to impress the boss and ending up eating the company bandwidth.

"No, she was not fired. And no, there's still no cure for stupid."

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