Sorta makes you appreciate Post-Its, eh?

IT pilot fish gets a call from a user who has forgotten the password for his PC. "The user informed me that he didn't want it reset, but instead wanted to use the one that he had just changed it to," says fish.

"I informed him that wasn't possible, but that he could always change it back later."

No, it has to be set to the password I just changed it to, user insists -- I even made a note of it.

Fish resists the urge to ask why it's so important for the user to have this particular password, since he can't remember it without writing it down.

Instead, he asks the user why he doesn't just refer to the place where he's logged it.

I saved it in a Word document on my PC, user says.

"I proceeded to log into his machine as admin and retrieved the file with his password," fish says. "I then told him his password over the phone.

"But I can't tell you how tempted I was to inform him that I would e-mail it to him and he could retrieve it from his inbox."

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