There's labor, and then there's labor

This pilot fish runs a small computer store where all repairs come with a guarantee: "If you experience any problems within two weeks of completion, bring it in and we will take a second look with no additional labor charges," says fish.

So it is that, shortly after a big snowstorm, fish gets a call from a customer who has recently brought in his PC to get rid of a virus infestation.

Customer explains that, in the time since fish worked on his computer, he's no longer able to get his CD-ROM drive to read disks.

That doesn't seem likely to be connected to the customer's original problem, but the guarantee is the guarantee.

Sure, fish says, bring your computer back in and we'll take another look at it.

Customer's response: "Well, I was wondering if you could come onsite and take a look at it. I have a really long driveway, and it will take me a while to clear it so that I can get out."

Sighs fish, "So if he couldn't get out, how did he expect me to get in? Yep, you guessed it.

"I politely declined his request, and informed him I would be happy to look at the computer once he was able to get out of his driveway and bring it in."

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