Exclusive: we reveal name of gagged Windows 8 blogger (by Microsoft?)

A Microsoft employee got caught blogging details of Windows 8, but his post got 'mysteriously' taken down. In IT Blogwatch, your humble blogwatcher can reveal the Redmond blogger's secret identity.

By Richi Jennings. February 11, 2010.


Your humble blogwatcher selected these bloggy morsels for your enjoyment. Not to mention the things you find in old code...

    Marius Oiaga pidgins the news:

Even though the successor of Windows 7, commonly referred to ... under the codename Windows 8, [is] in planning, [Microsoft] is not sharing any details on the release with the public.


The first reports indicating that Microsoft has actually kicked off the development process for Windows 8 [are] emerging. ... [In this] case [from] a Program Manager on the Windows 8 team [who] claims that the next version of Windows will be unlike anything users expect of the

operating system.

Stephen Chapman cooks up a riposte:

Over the course of the past week and a half, a couple of individuals from Microsoft have commented about Windows 8 in a rather excited manner. First, there was a blog entry on January 31, 2010 (which has since then been deleted) on an MSDN blog titled, “Whats in store for the next Windows?” It’s a great read from an obviously excited employee bursting at the seams to say SOMETHING about Windows 8 — or, as he referred to it as, “Windows.next.”


It really makes you wonder just what in the heck Steven Sinofsky and crew are cooking up for Windows 8. ... It’s definitely shaping up to be an ambitious release. Past rumored plans were for Windows 8 to be a 64-bit-only release and I’m inclined to believe that’s exactly where they’re going to go with it.

I can reveal the employee in question is Sharad Goel:

Since I'm part of the Windows update team ... my friends, neighbours, relatives, and whoever else you can imagine started asking me So whats next? ... [It] will be something completly different from what folks usually expect of Windows.


I am simply impressed with the process that Steven [Sinofsky] has setup to listen to our customers needs and wants and get a team together than can make it happen. To actually bring together dozens and dozens of teams across Microsoft to come up with a vision for Windows.next is a process that is surreal! ... [The ideas] truly reflect what people have been looking for years and it will change the way people think about PCs and the way they use them. It is the future of PCs...

Bertrand gazes into his crystal balls:

Details about the next version of Windows are still very cloudy. Microsoft has been keeping a low profile when it comes to talking about it. We’re not even sure about a possible release date. Although 2011 and 2012 have been indirectly suggested.


It’s definitely good to know that Microsoft is aiming higher than Windows 7, which has become a very successful and popular OS in less than 6 months in the market.

Paul Miller alleges conspiracy:

Recently a loose-lipped Microsoft employee blogged up on MSDN some scattered thoughts on what he's informally calling Windows.next. ... the anonymous blogger seems particularly stoked about Steven Sinofsky, the president of the Windows and Windows Live divisions.


Meanwhile, John Mangelaars, a regional VP at the company, went on record saying "Windows 8 will be mind-blowing." ... We're not unfamiliar to Microsoft beating its own drum, but even if it's completely expected to hear these sort of ravings leak out from the Windows crew, we're still happy to hear it.

Devin Coldewey is forgiving:

It’s probably a good sign that these guys are calling Windows 8 “mind-blowing”  and not, say, “evolutionary.” Between the breathless praise of 7 and Microsoft’s quarterly results, you can actually sense people who are actually pumped about something. There’s not a lot of substance, but it’s kind of nice to have some positive noise around the project.

Matt Asay says "Microsoft ... has hubris nailed":

Mangelaars dispenses with niceties, arguing that Google and Microsoft are the only two games in town and that the stakes are immense: ... "[a] Battle of the Titans for who becomes the platform of the world."

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