Worth its weight in gold, or maybe just amalgam

This old-hand IT pilot fish takes his daughter to her dentist, whose office is one of several in a large converted house -- and whose receptionist is none too happy.

"The receptionist was complaining that her computer screen display was always wiggly," fish reports. "The dentist had taken the computer back twice and the problem was not resolved.

"As I had seen this problem before, I looked around the office and spotted what looked like storage cabinets with louvered doors. When I opened the doors, I found all of the power meters for the building and the power lines and feeds to the circuit breaker boxes.

"I had the receptionist move her display to the other end of her desk. Problem solved.

"She asked how she could thank me and I suggested the dentist remove some of the charges from my bill. The dentist took $75 off the bill for the work he was doing, as he appreciated the resolution of a month-long problem."

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