We could tell you, but then we'd have to kill your Internet access

Programmer pilot fish goes online to a message board for a development system that's used for one of his company's applications.

"The company recently implemented a lot of blocking of content of certain sites like blogs, photo sites, and group chat sites," says fish.

"It presents the message that the site is blocked and tells you to either close, click one link to continue or click a link to see the company's access policy.

"First I clicked to continue for work-related purposes and finished what I needed to do.

"When I was done, I was curious and thought I'd read the policy to see if I could figure out why this particular site was being blocked.

"So I went back in and this time clicked on 'Click to learn more about your access policy.'"

And the message it gives fish? Content blocked. Click here to access our Internet resource policy.

Sputters baffled fish, "It actually blocked the policy!"

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