Sometimes you just have to wait until they're ready

Net admin pilot fish is walking through the office one day when he comes across a user who is snarling into her phone.

"She was screaming at some tech support guy halfway across the country because she was unable to get the postage metering machine to update itself over the phone line," fish says.

"I walked over and tried to lend a hand, but instead she gave me a death stare and said, 'I'll take care of these people.'

"So I looked at the display unit, only to see that she had plugged the USB end of a dongle modem into the Ethernet port.

"I spent the next 10 minutes sitting next to her chuckling as the voice on the other end of the tech support line got louder and louder as he couldn't figure out what her issue was.

"I now take care of the meter updating."

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