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Q&A: Sanjay from Moto on the way. Stuck in traffic. (!!)

512MB for application will be upped later.

Ships today.  Unlocked.  Through Tmobile.  You can put an AT&T SIM in this phone as well.  AT&T will only be able to do EDGE.

iPhone killer?  They dance around that question.

Google sells phones through HTC.  HTC provides the fulfillment ofGoogle is front end.

Google getting into retailling?  "Not a big deal"

What is Google's revenue streams? "Advertising"

Tethering?  "It is a technical issue" (Me: hahahahahhahaahahhaah)

Hardware Keyboard dead? Peter Ha "No, different strokes for different folks (ha pun!)"

Google going to start selling other products via Retail? (they currently sell Dell hardware a s a search appliance)  just phones to announce.

2:00 Google is giving everyone in attendance (a la Oprah) a free Nexus One (that should help with publicity)

1:55 UK, Singapore and Hong Kong are all going to be able to buy the phone unlocked.  Then with Vodaphone when it is available in those markets.

Nexus One is the first phone to be brought to market.  More partners and devices and countries are coming.

1:50 (Back to Mario) "Superphone" will be brought to market through Google webstore.

Design objective - Simplicity.  Simple purchase, plan operators, delivery, startup.  You can buy with or without service.

Nexus will be $179 from Tmobile USA (More operators, devices will be added) soon (Verizon, Vodaphone).


1:45 Google earth for Android has some impressive features - GPS.  Birds Eye view - like desktop -- because it has burly processor they can do 3D flying on Google Earth.

Voice+Earth - you can now be taken to any place on earth with Voice.  Mt. Fuji demo'ed

1:40 Voice search.  Voice commands (Verizon Droid) Every text field in the phone is now voice compatible. Like Dragon on iPhone but systemwide

1:35: Media and 3D Framework

 Cooliris 3D photo browser using accelerometers to browse 3D


Background sync with Picassa. Makes sense.

1:32: Running 2.1  Interactive wallpaper (zzzz)

Weather widget uses GPS (smart - or dumb for everyone else) and does other smart things for time, humidity, etc.

1:30: Something new!  Noise cancellation using two microphones

I had heard about this a bit - but it quieted down (pun!) recently.  It helps calls in noisy environments

1:28 OLED helps with light.  Together with light sensor it will adjust display for best picture and power usage.

11.5 mm thin - same as a pencil

130 army knife weight.

1:25 Andy Rubin is talking about the Google Nexus One:

3.7-inch AMOLED display, 480x800 pixels - 2-3 times the iPhone

1GHz processor from Qualcomm.

Multicolored trackball (ME: O RLY - this was on the Sidekick 5 years ago - and was awesome.  This was an Andy Rubin move no doubt)

1:20 "The Nexus One is a Superphone"

(BTW here's a video stream of the event)

1:15 Progress made by team: Leadership (Andy Rubin)

Easy licensing schemes, lower costs, lower time to market, continusously improving.  It will stay that way.

Stat: Searches  are done 30x more on an Android phone than they do on a feature phone (ME: that includes iPhone?!)

1:10 #moreHistoryLessons....yadayadayada

Android is now on 20 devices, 59 carriers, 48 countries...

2009 saw 4 major software releases, each one had its own statue at the Googleplex

re#: Google G1

Then Widgets (seems to be talking lots of Tmobile...hmmmmm)

1:05 Today they are unveling the next stage of Android.  33 mobile industry leaders announced and open platform for mobile phones - open handset alliance fosters innovation and gives advantages to consumers.

OHA now has 52 members...

Chian Telecom, NEC and Freescale have joined

1:00 Mike Nelsn talking.  Inviting to lunch...Introduces Mario Kadolf...

Andy Rubin, inventer of the Sidekick, former Apple guy and Android God is on hand (from Gizmodo)


We've got 10 minutes to go before we start.  Anyone want to guess what any of the surprises will be?

Some imagery from Google:


While we've gotten a lot of information on the device (even a review of it from Engadget who said it wasn't an iPhone killer), Google always likes to save a few surprised for the end.  Remember how the Droid suddenly got a really cool GPS application after all of the leaks came out?

We've heard that Google's Voice navigation system relies on speech recognition.  It will also be interesting to see if Google leverages its recently acquired Gizmo5 VoIP service into the Nexus One.

Pricing has been said to be $530 without the plan or $180 when subsidized by Tmobile.


Google's Nexus One event starts at 1PM Eastern US time. Follow me here as I update with information/analysis live. 

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