Our time is your time

Secretary for the company president calls this IT pilot fish to relay a concern from her boss.

"This particular secretary does her own thing with the phone system and office cubicle realignment without informing IT," says fish. "In the end, we threw the phone responsibility to her."

Turns out the president has noticed that the time displayed on his high-end phone -- the execs' phones have LCD displays, which regular employees' phones don't have -- doesn't match the time that's displayed on his PC.

"Can you make the time on our computers the same as the time in our phones?" secretary asks.

Fish restrains his first response, and instead calmly replies, "Ma'am, what is the basis of the time in the phone system?"

"We don't know, actually," says secretary.

"Ma'am, our computer time is based on GMT," fish says, figuring it's better to leave out details about International Atomic Time, national laboratories and Stratum 2 time servers.

There's a pause. "Uh, can you configure the phone system instead?" secretary asks.

Reports fish, "I said, 'I will look into it, ma'am,' noting that we are adding back something to our job description again."

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