Gee, this printer smells ... pretty!

Pilot fish gets a call from a user complaining about a paper jam, so he heads out with his tools.

"When I arrived, she explained, 'I was trying to print this report and it sucked up all this paper. I tried pulling it out, but it's stuck,'" says fish.

A quick examination of the printer reveals that several sheets of paper have been pulled in at an angle and, sure enough, they're thoroughly jammed.

But fish is able to use a box cutter to carefully cut away half of the paper on one side of the roller to remove it. Then he pulls the rest of the paper out from the other direction.

All that's left is to figure out what caused the misfeed, and fish soon spots a likely culprit: It looks like there's some grease on the feeder wheels.

As the user watches, fish reaches in with his finger to wipe off the grease. Except fish notices that something doesn't seem right.

Fish rubs it between his fingers. It doesn't feel like grease. He sniffs it. "What the heck?!?" he says. "This smells like perfume!"

User: "Oh, it's hand lotion."

Fish: "What?!?"

User: "It's hand lotion. The printer was squeaking, so I put hand lotion on those little rubber thingies to make them softer."

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