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This IT pilot fish helps out in supporting users, but his main job is as a programmer, so he's sometimes the last one to hear about a problem.

"My co-workers and I began receiving complaints from a user that his computer's clock kept losing time and Outlook was late in notifying him of his appointments," fish says.

"My co-worker replaced his computer with a newer one and he still had the problem."

Eventually fish's cohorts run out of ideas, and hand the issue off to him.

A cursory look at the user's PC reveals nothing out of the ordinary except that the user has set a picture of his sports car as the desktop background.

On impulse, fish checks the image file for the car picture. Turns out it's a high-resolution bitmap image -- and the file is nearly 100 MB!

Fish asks user to try removing the image from his desktop just for one day as a test to see if that helps.

User agrees.

Two days later, user calls fish. Everything is now working perfectly, he says, but can I have my desktop back?

"I changed his sports-car bitmap to a lower-resolution JPG image and reset his background for him," says fish. "He never had a problem with his PC clock again."

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