And don't get him started about buggy software

Help desk pilot fish at this hospital is on a support call when he spots a database administrator hovering outside his door -- and looking very uncomfortable.

"The IT department was located in a hundred-year-old former manufacturing building connected to the hospital by a tunnel," fish explains. "Patients were not allowed in the building.

"When I got finished with the call, I asked her what she needed. She told me she had a dead mouse. Not the computer kind -- the brown, fuzzy, disease-infested kind.

"I went to her office, and under her desk was this mouse that had died. Apparently, she had seen me the previous day take one out that I had caught in a trap beside my desk, so I was the one uniquely qualified to remove hers.

"I got the broom and dustpan, swept the mouse up and took it outside to the dumpster."

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