Not the response he had in mind

This project manager pilot fish and his cohorts report to a guy who has a very specific technique for raising issues.

“This mid-manager was recruited and put in place to take the load off our real boss,” fish says.

“He would send us spreadsheets, word processor documents and live links from our company Web site with the question: 'So, what do you think is wrong with this?'”

And the result is always the same. “At least four of us would print the e-mailed info and then show up at his office to tell him that we needed to know what might be wrong, not to plug in a crystal ball and hope to find the answer to his very vague question,” says fish.

“We wasted more time communicating the question than fixing the problem, if any was found.

“Last we heard, he had a lab, an office, a fax and a PC -- and isn't a people manager anymore.”

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