Like, you know, really … is that what I sound like?

Here's a really cool web site that my friend Ken Heft sent me a link to: Basically, you point it to a URL or copy in a bunch of text and it spits back a really cool looking tag cloud of the words that appear most frequently. Don't try it with Firefox, however, because when I did, it just hung. Worked like a champ with IE, however.

Just for fun, I tried it with my blog - I took the entire content of everything I've written in the past 18 months and got some interesting results. Clearly, I mention the word SharePoint a lot. I guess that's a good thing since that's how I make a living. But, apparently, I'm pretty fond of the word "really" too. I guess I need to listen for that word in my speech as well, because I tend to write exactly the way I talk. My friend Rona has what I have to call her "catch phrase." I don't think she can go more than 5 minutes without saying , "Simply because ..." Don't ask me where that comes from. But, really, do I say/write really that often? Maybe I really, really do. Really.

Try it on something you've written - or if you've got a blog, have it suck in your blog. Really, the results could be pretty interesting. Really.

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