Helping Users Get Around Your SharePoint Site: Customizing Navigation

Links to resources about SharePoint 2007 navigation

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Microsoft has published some excellent resources to help site designers customize site navigation.  Many of these resources are currently featured on the MOSS 2007 home page.  Here's a guide to what's available.

Introduction to Site Navigation: provides an overview of the site navigation elements that you can customize and explains the different options in publishing and non-publishing sites.  Users are often very confused about why they don't have certain options available on their site.  In many cases, it's because publishing features have not been enabled.  This article explains which navigation options are available based on the features that are enabled for your site collection.

Roadmap for managing navigation for a SharePoint site: this site provides a set of links to all kinds of useful information to help plan your site navigation.  It includes a reference to a TechNet article that describes the various sites and templates that you get with MOSS - a really handy list.

Configure navigation inheritance: provides an overview of the options that are available to you depending on whether publishing features have been enabled for your site collection.  (There's a theme here - if you want richer options for navigation, enable publishing features.)

You might miss the "Dive deeper" reference in the upper right hand corner of the MOSS 2007 home page but there is one link that I think is definitely worth checking out - a blog post called Adding navigation buttons to your SharePoint site.  This is something I definitely recommend and in the blog post, Janis Hall of Mindsharp provides an easy way to create a navigational button in a Content Editor Web Part.

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