The book is launched! Essential SharePoint 2013: Practical Guidance for Meaningful Business Results

New SharePoint book with practical guidance for business users and IT Pros

Essential SharePoint 2013: Practical Guidance for Meaningful Business Results is finally available in print! As with the two earlier editions, I'm responsible for pretty much all of the "non-technical" chapters - governance, IA, user adoption, measurement, strategy, etc. Writing books is pretty much "all consuming," especially when you have a day job, so Scott, Chris and I are especially happy to know that we can finally have something tangible to share from all the hours of exploring, testing, developing, writing and re-writing.

EssentialSharePoint 2013

The chapters on User Adoption and Governance were probably the most fun to write and the chapter on Social, which I worked on with Chris, is the one that will be the hardest to keep current since that side of SharePoint is still evolving. In the three years since Essential SharePoint 2010 was published, not only has the product evolved, but so has our learning about pretty much everything, but especially about making governance guidance more consumable for end users. Governance in the cloud is a new topic that is especially important for users of SharePoint 2013 online. This week, I wrote an article for CMS Wire that talks about the decisions you'll need to make if you want to share your SharePoint 2013 content with external users called Sharing Nicely in the Cloud. I encourage you to take a look at if you are considering sharing your SharePoint online documents or sites with external users.

One of the things that Scott, Chris, and I have learned is how hard it is going to be to keep on top of the updates to SharePoint 2013 in printed books, not just for our book, but for all SharePoint 2013 books! For example, you can now make Yammer the primary enterprise social experience in Office 365 instead of the default SharePoint 2013 Newsfeed. We knew that this was coming when we made our final updates to the Social chapter, but we couldn't provide the specific guidance that we had hoped due to the timing of our deadlines relative to the announcement. To keep the content in our book as alive and vibrant as possible, we've created a website for the book where we'll post links to additional content and lessons as often as we can. For example, we have several templates and guideline references in the book (the governance questions I wrote about a few weeks ago included) that we plan to keep up-to-date, along with major chapter changes. You can find all of these links and more at the book's website.

We wrote this book because we wanted to share what we had learned about what it takes to deliver meaningful business results with SharePoint 2013. Hopefully, you'll enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it! (It was hard, but it was also fun.) To celebrate the launch, our publisher is offering readers a 35% discount of the current price until December 2013 at this link and using the code ESP2013.

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