How remote work is changing American culture

The shift to remote work and the hybrid office over the past three years is changing how we live and work.

Don't replace your people with ChatGPT or other AI services

I cannot believe how stupid companies can be regarding generative AI ChatGPT and the like are not ready to replace workers.

Why remote work is the opportunity of the century for cities

The real problem with cities is too much office space and not enough housing. Remote work is the solution, not the problem.

There's no stopping AI now

Despite a recent call from the technorati urging a slowdown, no group of experts can hit the pause button on generative AI.

Generative AI isn't the answer to all your business needs

ChatGPT and the like represent intriguing technology but are far from perfect. And they're definitely not going to solve your business woes.

Can’t hire? Can’t get hired? How to avoid the “Great Mismatch” trap!

Employers don’t like the applicants, and applicants don’t like the jobs. What’s going on? And is the problem permanent?

Is this the end of non-compete contracts?

The US Federal Trade Commission wants to ban non-compete agreements. That's a great idea in my book.

Why we don’t need the four-day workweek — or weekends

Nor do we need surveillance software, edicts about employee travel, or offices.

Hybrid-work hardware debuts at CES. Wait…, what?

Companies like Lenovo and HP are going all-in on special hardware for remote and hybrid workers. But special how?

The office is dead

Forget the ongoing debate about remote work or hybrid workplaces. It's time to proclaim: "Long live working from home."

Reframing our understanding of remote work

Remote work is not a place but a skill set. Successful companies and employees are learning those skills. Are you?

Fred Brooks is gone, but his IT management lessons will live forever

The author of the classic software management book, "The Mythical Man-Month," passed away recently. To honor his memory, we should finally start applying his lessons.

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