Audi targets the moon with lunar rover

IDG News Service | Jan 11, 2016

Audi's lunar rover debuted at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 11, 2016.

Elon Musk must be wondering why he didn’t think of this. Audi debuted its Lunar Rover at the Detroit Auto Show on Monday. The rover is chasing the Google Lunar Xprize that is offering $30 million to a team that can land a rover on the moon, explore at least 500 meters and send back high-def images.

Audi is assisting a Berlin-based team that has members all over the world. At the auto show, former astronaut Gene Cernan spoke about the benefits of space research.

“The thing that’s not given enough credit for America’s space program is the inspiration it provides in the hearts and minds of our young people to dream. I’m often asked a question, if I can go to the moon, what can’t you do. I very seldom get an answer, but the real answer comes from the fact that if you believe in yourself and you have the courage to accept a challenge and willing to take a risk, there isn’t anything any of our kids or grandkids to theirs can do if they want to do it badly enough. If I can go to the moon 43 years ago, there’s nothing we can’t do if we want to do it badly enough.

The Lunar Xprize has a 2017 deadline.