Samsung Galaxy Tab S2: powerful enough for enterprise

IDG.TV | Dec 14, 2015's Sarah White looks at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, a tablet that is powerful enough to get you through the work day, with all the after-hours entertainment features you will want.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is a powerful tablet – and if you like to travel light, it has everything you need for work and play. It greatly resembles the iPad Air 2 in look and feel, and it’s light and easy to hold with one hand.

With the latest Microsoft Apps, you can stay connected whether you need to use Excel, Power Point, Word or Outlook. And with 3GB of RAM, you won’t have any lag switching back and forth between apps.

The Android operating system also lets you easily keep apps open in a windowed mode on the home screen, or have two apps open side by side.

Connectivity is also key with the S2, and unlike the iPad, you can actually use a mouse with this tablet.

All you need is a small connector, which you can get for less than five dollars. It lets you connect a USB Bluetooth keyboard and mouse or a wired keyboard and mouse.

You can also opt for Samsung’s proprietary Bluetooth keyboard case, which comes equipped with a trackpad. The mouse isn’t as accurate as if you used a wired mouse, but it will work in a pinch. It’s not going to rival the Surface Keyboard, but it’s a useful feature to have.

Samsung hasn’t always been known for high end design features, and they usually feature textured plastic casing. However, the S2 has not followed suit, with a high-end premium design that is eye catching. It’s also light, making it an easy option to toss in a carry on or your bag while on the go.

There’s also Android for Work, which comes built in on any Lollipop device. It lets you keep work apps separate from personal apps. That means you can enjoy the privacy and security you need for business purposes, but IT won’t be able to access anything personal on your device. This eliminates the need to carry two devices when you travel and better integrates the “bring your own device” trend.

If you don’t need the full computing power of a notebook, and want to travel light. While the S2 lags a bit behind the iPad Air 2 in performance, you won’t be upset with the performance. You really can’t beat the price point of the S2 if you’re stuck between Apple and Android. At 400 dollars, the S2 comes with 32GB of storage, with the option to expand up to 128GB with a microSD card, something Apple charges a premium for. And the ability to use a mouse with the S2 is an attractive option for power users.

Overall, the S2 is a high-end tablet that has everything you need for work or entertainment.