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Class of 2014 Yearbook: The Honorees

Doreen L. Griffith
Executive vice president and CIO

Employer: Securities America

LOCATION: La Vista, Neb.

New titles in your IT organization: Enterprise architects and product architects

How many times have you had to reinvent yourself in your career? Numerous times. I started as an intensive care nurse, and then moved into business. I have had various roles in numerous companies as my career has progressed.

A recent example of your leadership style: I have seasoned professionals on my staff, and they are working with all levels within the organization. My role is to work with my team members so they continue to provide innovative products and first-class support.

Skills you'll hire for this year: Product architects and senior development analysts.

A task you've delegated this year: Our disaster recovery site contract was due for renewal this year. The tasks of evaluating the current vendor and other providers and negotiating the contract are being managed by the vice president of operations.

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