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Class of 2012 Yearbook: The Honorees

Kristin D. Russell
Secretary of technology and CIO

Employer: State of Colorado


An example of your personal leadership style: Mentors have been key in my life, and I strive to ''pay it forward'' with my own employees. Recently, I provided career development coaching to an employee, which resulted in that individual seeking a position with another company. I am a big believer that as leaders we need to understand our employees' strengths and then help them grow and develop in areas that best leverage those strengths, even if that means they leave to pursue other opportunities.

A recent great deal from a vendor: It is critical to have key, strategic vendor partners that act as trusted advisers and help to deliver successful business solutions. Recently, I established a handful of mutually beneficial public/private partnerships that resulted in no-cost services for my organization and enabled these vendors to become actively engaged in the innovative things we are doing in Colorado.

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