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Class of 2011 Yearbook: The Honorees

Nitin Pradhan

Employer: U.S. Department of Transportation

LOCATION: Washington, D.C.

A career highlight: "Appointed DOT CIO and principal information technology adviser to the secretary of transportation as part of the Obama Administration, with oversight for the DOT's more than $3 billion IT portfolio -- the sixth-largest in the federal government."

Bold, innovative IT initiatives: "Revolutionary departmental efforts like the Intelligent Transportation Systems office's Intellidrive program, which leverages vehicle-to-vehicle wireless technology, and the satellite-based Next Generation Air Transportation System. They will transform the safety, mobility, security and efficiency of our nation's critical transportation assets."

How are you adapting to "digital natives? "We hire them! By developing early, lasting relationships with digital natives, we ensure outside-the-box perspectives on technology and strong lines of succession within IT leadership. Our people-first philosophy drives innovation, agility and business value while providing the foundation for a learning environment that ensures lasting success."

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