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Class of 2010 Yearbook: The Honorees

William C. Brown
Senior vice president, CIO

Employer: Iron Mountain Inc.


First job: Dishwasher at a local restaurant

Most valuable career advice: "Two things: Honesty is black and white; focus on your potential, not your performance."

Favorite vice: Fig Newtons

Title you'd like to hold someday: "World's best husband and father."

Would you advise young people to pursue an IT career? "Absolutely, but pursue it from a business process or business operations angle."

If I were not in this business, I would probably be... "a charter captain in Cabo San Lucas."

Favorite gadget: GPS

Leadership philosophy in a nutshell: "Focus on people, and give and request feedback liberally."

Ask me to do anything but... "paint!"

Passion outside of work: Offshore fishing

Favorite sport: Football

A recent great read: Leading Change, by John P. Kotter

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