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Employer Profile

No. 96
Penn National Insurance
Harrisburg, Pa. [Middle Atlantic]
Why You Want to Work There
IT employees get to work on important, highly visible projects at this Harrisburg, Pa., insurance company, which does business in nine Eastern states. The IT department encourages its staffers to think outside the box, and individuals are encouraged to "stretch" their jobs so they can develop new skills. Training budgets have been cut, but the company has increased internal training opportunities. For example, it holds "Tech Talks" where IT staffers get together to discuss how they are using new technologies. IT staffers also volunteer to lead lunchtime training sessions for their peers. Bonus bucks Individuals, teams, groups or task forces that have made outstanding contributions to Penn National's success can earn immediate cash bonuses. Individuals or teams may be nominated for these bonuses by anyone at a level of management above them. Awards range from 1% to 3% of the honoree's base salary. An employee or manager can recognize exceptional work on the part of another employee with $100 spot bonuses. Employees who pass work-related exams or earn professional certifications are awarded bonuses of $100 to $175 for a single exam, and bonuses of up to $1,600 for completion of a training program.

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Rank by company size Small, No. 13
Employee Statistics
Total employees 775
Total IT employees 112
IT employee turnover in 2010 3%
IT employee promotions in 2010 9%
Training days offered per IT employee in 2010 2
Training budget per IT employee in 2010 $321
Women in IT
Total percentage of women within IT 43%
Percentage of IT managers who are women 47%
Percentage of IT staff who are women 42%
Minorities in IT
Total percentage of minorities within IT 4%
Percentage of IT managers who are minorities 0%
Percentage of IT staff who are minorities 5%