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Employer Profile

No. 75
Aflac Inc.
Columbus, Ga. [South Atlantic]
Why You Want to Work There
This Columbus, Ga.-based insurance company knows that employees can help one another succeed. Its TEACH mentoring program enables employees to take active roles in their development and opens doors to discussions between managers and employees about development, performance and succession planning. Employees are encouraged to team up with mentors who can help them identify the skills they need, not only in their current jobs, but also in future roles. This grassroots initiative, developed by a cross-functional team of managers, is supported through the TEACH online community, which is a collaborative place to connect, get information, share experiences and grow professionally. Good to be green Aflac's ongoing education initiatives teach about the importance of conservation and encourage employees to reduce consumption of resources by incorporating green practices into daily activities. Each building has recycling bins for cans, plastic, paper, and Styrofoam cups and containers. Printers and copiers are set to print on both sides by default to save paper, and task chairs and flooring materials are made from recycled materials. The company has also earned Energy Star recognition for two of its five campus buildings. In 2008, Aflac joined Georgia's Clean Air Campaign to help reduce traffic and improve air quality by promoting commuting alternatives to its employees. The company's carpooling program typically removes 86 cars from the road each workday. Employees who carpool to work are rewarded with premium parking.
Rank by company size Medium, No. 24
Employee Statistics
Total employees 4,232
Total IT employees 480
IT employee turnover in 2010 9%
IT employee promotions in 2010 4%
Training days offered per IT employee in 2010 8
Training budget per IT employee in 2010 $2,733
Women in IT
Total percentage of women within IT 26%
Percentage of IT managers who are women 27%
Percentage of IT staff who are women 26%
Minorities in IT
Total percentage of minorities within IT 31%
Percentage of IT managers who are minorities 18%
Percentage of IT staff who are minorities 34%