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Employer Profile

No. 3
General Mills Inc.
Minneapolis, [North Central]
Why You Want to Work There
Top 10 ranking: No. 1 for benefits, No. 7 for training IT employees at this Minneapolis-based food giant have spoken: What's best about working there is the flexibility. In fact, in a recent internal survey, 61% of IT employees said work flexibility was an important factor in their decision to join General Mills, and 88% said it's been an important factor in their decision to stay. The program includes telecommuting, flexible scheduling around core business hours, part-time schedules, job sharing, sabbaticals and summer hours, with the option to work longer days Monday through Thursday with half days on Fridays. Employees also have the option of working part-time for up to eight weeks after returning from a leave of absence, including personal leaves, educational leaves and emergency military leave, and the ability to take additional unpaid vacation days. IT employees are actively using those options: 71% telecommute occasionally; 36% occasionally use flextime; 27% routinely use flextime; 23% telecommute regularly; 18% work part time; and 5% use flex unpaid vacation, sabbaticals and phased return-to-work options. A strong career ladder Promotion recommendations are evaluated three to four times a year by managers and director review boards and are based on accomplishments and positive impact on the business. At quarterly meetings, the IT department recognizes employee achievements such as service anniversaries, certifications, college study completions and project milestones. An employee-created rewards and recognition program, "Excellence in Technology," focuses on celebrating IT successes. The program encourages recognition of day-to-day contributions that deliver results to the business and includes an annual ceremony where trophies and cash are awarded.
Rank by company size Large, No. 2
Employee Statistics
Total employees 17,272
Total IT employees 659
IT employee turnover in 2010 2%
IT employee promotions in 2010 6%
Training days offered per IT employee in 2010 10
Training budget per IT employee in 2010 $4,552
Women in IT
Total percentage of women within IT 37%
Percentage of IT managers who are women 43%
Percentage of IT staff who are women 36%
Minorities in IT
Total percentage of minorities within IT 15%
Percentage of IT managers who are minorities 8%
Percentage of IT staff who are minorities 17%