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Employer Profile

No. 95
Red Hat Inc.
Raleigh, N.C. [South Atlantic]
Why You Want to Work There
This Raleigh, N.C., company puts a focus on recruiting and retaining top talent, and its workplace flexibility programs are a big piece of that effort. As a leading contributor to the development of open-source software, Red Hat also encourages its IT workers to contribute to open-source projects -- frequently during working hours. Employee recognition programs run the gamut from short-term awards, such as the quarterly variable compensation program, to long-term incentive awards, such as restricted stock units. Employees' years of service are also recognized in company meetings. In the zone: The Red Hat Reward Zone global recognition program recognizes and reinforces behaviors and results that add value to the organization. Employees can nominate peers for a monetary award of up to $100 through the program. Managers can also nominate an employee for a monetary award of up to $500 for outstanding performance through the program. A manager can also recognize an entire team. The Chairman's Award, Red Hat's highest award, is given annually to 12 employees who have made outstanding contributions. Winners and their guests are given a trip to and recognized at Red Hat's annual customer and partner event, Red Hat Summit. Through Red Hat University, an internal training system, any employee can take Web-based and in-person classes in leadership, management, sales and technical topics. This includes internal certifications, such as the Red Hat Certified Salesperson.
Rank by company size Small, No. 14
Employee Statistics
Total employees 1,519
Total IT employees 129
IT employee turnover in 2009 5%
IT employee promotions in 2009 13%
Training days offered per IT employee in 2009 2
Training budget per IT employee in 2009 $1,250
Women in IT
Total percentage of women within IT 19%
Percentage of IT managers who are women 14%
Percentage of IT staff who are women 21%
Minorities in IT
Total percentage of minorities within IT 26%
Percentage of IT managers who are minorities 18%
Percentage of IT staff who are minorities 28%