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Employer Profile

No. 63
Kraft Foods Inc.
Northfield, Ill. [North Central]
Why You Want to Work There
IT workers at this food manufacturer are playing a leading role in a workplace transformation project designed to promote employee mobility and offer an office environment that can be modified to meet the staff's needs at a particular time. The office space at the company's headquarters in Northfield, Ill., was redesigned from a traditional office-and-cubicle configuration to a bright, collaboration space featuring open seating for project teams and staffs. This, combined with an existing telecommuting program that allows employees to work remotely, provides a flexible work environment while making it possible for people to come together when they need to collaborate. This new work environment serves as a model for future changes. IT workers were challenged by senior managers to achieve nearly triple IT productivity and find ways to generate significant companywide savings and growth. These accomplishments were recognized by business leaders around the world in recent communications. Special for IT: Kraft has a companywide awards program, but the IT department also offers formal and informal awards to acknowledge exceptional performance among its employees in the areas of project management, innovation, service, productivity and leadership. The achievements of the award recipients are publicized in feature stories on the company intranet, and the department holds quarterly events to recognize the award winners. Organized by teams of employee volunteers, the events feature creative activities designed to help employees get to know one another.
Rank by company size Large, No. 40
Employee Statistics
Total employees 39,803
Total IT employees 608
IT employee turnover in 2009 10%
IT employee promotions in 2009 6%
Training days offered per IT employee in 2009 9
Training budget per IT employee in 2009 $4,350
Women in IT
Total percentage of women within IT 38%
Percentage of IT managers who are women 33%
Percentage of IT staff who are women 39%
Minorities in IT
Total percentage of minorities within IT 26%
Percentage of IT managers who are minorities 21%
Percentage of IT staff who are minorities 27%