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No. 3, Midsize
Purchase, N.Y. [Mid Atlantic]
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Top 10 rankings: No. 6 for benefits
Innovation is a key priority for this Purchase, N.Y., financial services company, one of the most well-recognized brand names in the world. Employees are allowed "innovation time" to cultivate new ideas outside their regular work duties, and a two-day "Innovation Express" competition helps generate new product prototypes. Moreover, the company actively encourages employees with shared interests to network across departmental lines. MasterCard's St. Louis technology headquarters features on-site fitness and health centers, as well as recreational areas with Ping-Pong and pool tables. Flexible scheduling and telecommuting options are available to most employees.

Employee Statistics
Total U.S.-based employees 4,100
Total U.S.-based IT employees 1,503
IT employee turnover in 2013 5%
IT employee promotions in 2013 12%
Training days offered per IT employee in 2013 1
Training budget per IT employee in 2013 $989