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Employer profile

No. 21, Large
Cedars-Sinai Health System
Los Angeles, Calif. [Pacific]
Cedars-Sinai Health System
Why you want to work there

Cedars-Sinai IT employees would be hot commodities in the healthcare IT job market, because the Los Angeles-based nonprofit healthcare provider offers comprehensive training and supports their efforts to earn certifications. But while Cedars-Sinai recognizes that this training makes its IT staffers attractive to other employers, it knows the value of skilled employees and hopes they'll remain loyal because it offers good benefits and the opportunity to work on interesting projects. One fun event that the organization has held for three years in a row is "Robot Wars/Technology Day," where teams of employees build robots and compete in battle as they vie for the title of "chief robotics officer."

Employee Statistics
Total U.S.-based employees 12,082
Total U.S.-based IT employees 421
IT employee turnover in 2013 11%
IT employee promotions in 2013 11%
Training days offered per IT employee in 2013 10
Training budget per IT employee in 2013 $1,663