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12 surprising ways personal technology betrays your privacy

It's not just your boss or the government that's spying on you, it's also the devices and technologies you embrace.

tesla model s digital panels

Tesla S teardown reveals it's more like a smartphone than a car

Tesla’s virtual instrument cluster comes from the same company that supplies Apple with display tech for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


The 10 design commandments of Apple's Jony Ive

Here are 10 design ideas that make Ive -- and Apple -- tick.

ipad camera

Apple's big iPad event -- the highlights

With new iPads, a new top-end iMac with a 5K retina display and an updated Mac mini, Apple rolled out a lot of hardware today.

wireless mirroring

10 mirroring devices let you present without wires

Wirelessly sending a presentation from your laptop or tablet to a large screen is a breeze with one of these mirroring devices.

giants no text

How giant companies see the cloud

16 large enterprises talk about their use of the cloud, their plans, challenges they've run into and how they're approaching the skills issues.

10 top IT skills based on increased demand

On any given day, employers post approximately 80,000 jobs on Here are the 10 fastest-growing categories based on number of mentions compared to a year ago.

8 cutting-edge technologies aimed at eliminating passwords

From electronic pills to digital tattoos, these eight innovations aim to secure systems and identities without us having to remember a password ever again.

Kansas City attracts tech to boost business

Tech startups and accelerators are blossoming in the downtown area, with plans to attract even more fledgling firms and young residents.

ipad rumors cover

8 Apple iPad rumors you need to know

Just as it does every year, Apple will roll out new iPads this month. To help inform, educate and entertain, I've curated the most credible predictions to show you what to expect.

Windows 10

First look: Windows 10

Microsoft's first glimpse of next year's new Windows fixes obvious flaws and borrows from Apple's OSes

9 proposed Java 9 features devs are going to love

Modularity, JSON, smart compilation -- Java's future offers compelling features to look forward to

12 predictions for the future of programming

We gaze into our coding crystal ball to find the sure bets and intriguing developments to target in the next five years.

12 CIOs who are earning millions

Taking into account both base salaries and 'other' compensation, these 12 CIOs are raking in millions.

6 key attributes of a chief analytics officer

Organizations need leaders who can turn big data into a strategic asset, but not everyone is cut out for the job. Do you have the skills and temperament to become a CAO?

Bossie Awards 2014: The best open-source application development tools

InfoWorld's picks of the year among languages, frameworks, libraries, and all the other tools that programmers use

Bossie Awards 2014: The best open-source desktop and mobile software

InfoWorld's top picks in open-source productivity tools, desktop utilities, and mobile apps

10 confounding programming language features

Programming languages are full of peculiarities, but these oddities tend to make developers say "Huh?" more than most.

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