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2016 technology industry graveyard 1

2016 technology industry graveyard

Dell, Google and Microsoft are among those that have killed off products or services in 2016.

Slideshow - Can You Name these Linux Distributions? [cover]

Can you name these Linux distributions?

Linux has over 250 distributions. Here are 25 of them -- can you ID them given a couple clues?

deals of week

Best Deals of the Week - Deal Alert

Check out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found this week. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.

Smart apps to smooth business travel

10 travel apps to smooth your next business trip

The best-laid plans of mice and business travelers often go awry. When trip stress is mounting, these mobile apps can help.

most wanted tech skills

16 in-demand jobs for digital and creative pros

Staffing firm Onward Search lists the 16 most in-demand digital roles of 2016, along with median salary and the top three U.S. geographical markets for each position.

developer tech cities jobs worker

13 top paying cities for software engineers

You need to factor in cost of living to determine real earnings. Online jobs marketplace Glassdoor has crunched the numbers, looking at the ratio of each city’s median software engineer base salary to its official cost of living...

best deals of the month 800

Best Deals of The Month - Deal Alert

Check out this roundup of the best deals on gadgets, gear and other cool stuff we have found in the past month. All items are highly rated, and dramatically discounted.

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Take these security books with you on vacation

Why spend your beach time this summer reading mystery novels when real world mysteries are swirling through the cyber sphere? These books have been recommended by your security peers.

network conflict 1

Lessons security pros can learn from the networking team

In truth, your security team has a lot to learn from the networking team about how to keep the whole organization running smoothly. We spoke to networking experts to find out what they most wanted security pros to know.

Beach Reads for Techies

Beach reads for techies 2016

IT pros share their reading plans for the summer and recommend their all-time favorite books for technologists.

1 spear phishing intro

Inside a phishing attack

Several weeks ago, a key member of the WatchGuard Technologies finance team was targeted by a spear phishing attempt. Find out what they did to track down the phisher.

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

13 frameworks for mastering machine learning

Venturing into machine learning? These tools do the heavy lifting for you.

20160622 sensors expo sign and line

Here are the sensors that make IoT click

Sensors are at the heart of the Internet of Things, collecting the data that powers wearables and smart cities alike, and were the focus of this year's Sensors Expo & Conference.

Best Tech MBA Programs

10 top-ranked tech-focused MBA programs

Here are the top 10 technology MBA programs in America as ranked by US News & World Report.

chrome for work

9 business-worthy Chrome for Work devices

When you think of the enterprise, you probably think Microsoft, Apple and even Samsung, but probably not Google Chrome. Well, that hasn't stopped Google from releasing a suite of Chrome for Work devices.

Fedora GNOME Workstation

Say hello to Fedora 24, a Linux OS for a containerized world

Fedora 24 is the first 2016 release from the Red Hat-sponsored Fedora Project, and it made its debut on Tuesday. Included in the software are several key new features for enterprises. Here's a look at some of the highlights.

emerging tech hubs

10 cities with fast emerging tech hubs

Denver, Colorado, tops the list of the 10 hottest emerging tech cities in the U.S.

01 fathersday

Dads to the rescue: 10 parenting apps to keep things running smoothly at home

You spend your days surrounded by technology that makes your work tasks easier, why not try a few new apps that can make your dad duties easier, too?

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