10 confounding programming language features

Programming languages are full of peculiarities, but these oddities tend to make developers say "Huh?" more than most.

10 ways big data Is changing the business of sports

Advances in capturing, storing and analyzing data are revolutionizing every aspect of sports, from training to broadcasting to fan engagement. Here are just a few examples of the ways big data is changing sports.

10 (mostly) free Exchange admin tools

If you're in charge of an Exchange deployment of almost any size, there's something in here for you.

The worst cloud outages of 2014 (so far)

Which companies have failed the worst when it comes to cloud outages in 2014? Time for the list no one wants to land on.

ios 8

12 iOS 8 features you'll want to use

Apple's iOS 8 is upon us, so here is a short collection of some of the new features you'll certainly want to try.

World’s hot alternative energy projects

From hydrogen to solar and wood, there are tons of ongoing cool alternative energy projects across the globe.

9 rules for the developer-ization of IT

CIOs who want to drive innovation and change in their organizations should focus on making the lives of developers easier so they can innovate, produce great apps and deliver valuable IP.

iphone 6 6plus primary 100413338 orig

10 iPhone 6 features you may have missed

Apple's thinner, lighter, faster and larger iPhones are here, confirming almost every credible expectation. Here's a rundown of some little-known iPhone 6 facts.

5 questions to ask before you take a tech job

IT positions don't always match up to their interview hype. Ask these questions to ensure you know what you're getting into before saying "yes" to your next job offer.

apple iphone 6 6plus iwatch primary 100413398 orig

The iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch -- and other highlights from the Apple event

If you missed Apple's live cast onTuesday, here is a recap of everything you need to know, from the new iPhones to Apple Watch.

ss apple iphone evolution carousel 100412891 orig

The Evolution of Apple's iPhone

As Apple prepares to launch new iPhones, it's important to look at how the now-iconic device has matured since its arrival in 2007.

Rotten Apple: Apple's 11 biggest failures

Apple sets the standard -- for both success and failure. Here's a look at 11 major screwups, some of which almost derailed the company

Heading back to school? Try these 11 terrific tech tools.

We've found some cool devices for your academic adventures, including innovative ways to power your smartphone, a tiny but powerful portable speaker and a new app that helps you share your notes.

extreme downtime

10 tech pros who push their downtime to the limits

As if IT leadership isn't challenging enough, some tech pros choose not to kick back when the day is done. Here's how flying a stunt plane or birthing a llama can make you a better leader.

Hot products at VMworld 2014

Click through all the products being released at VMworld this week

11 must-have JavaScript tools for Web developers

From Web app frameworks to data visualization in real time, these tools have your next Web project covered

17 ways to hate Microsoft Outlook 2013 less

Few software products draw such universal -- and deserved -- scorn as Outlook 2013. Here’s how to tame the beast.

7 far-out technologies that are closer than you think

Some of these technology innovations sound like science fiction, but they may land in your data center sooner than you'd imagine.

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