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New data reveal which schools offer the best dollar-for-dollar return on your investment in a computer science degree in 2014.

Looking to give your career (and your wallet) a boost? Here are seven in-demand positions that have companies throwing budgets out the window.

Within the next six years, hard disk drives will go from 6TB of storage to 60TB. Here are the technological advancements that will make that possible.

Third-party integrations extend powerful functionality to the red-hot repository-hosting site

Changes to default settings, dubious new features -- if you expect something amazing to turn you on to Windows 8, you haven't been following along.

Computerworld's survey of more than 3,500 IT pros shows that those with the right mix of technical skills and business savvy are in demand. Here's a look at trends in workers' job and pay satisfaction, along with their job security and stress levels.

The latest chargers for smartphones and tablets offer more power but less weight than last year's.

Microsoft started its Build developers conference Wednesday with a three-hour keynote. Here are some of the highlights.

What is April Fool's without a few online pranks? Here are some of the companies having a little fun today.

Chief Digital Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief People Officer are just a few of the new faces being introduced into C-suites around the globe. Spoiler alert: We're still waiting for the emergence of the Chief Martini Officer.

Microsoft unleashes its Office suite for Apple's iPad