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Business Intelligence/Analytics White Papers

Business Intelligence/Analytics white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Business Intelligence/Analytics strategy, solutions, Business Intelligence/Analytics products, and more.

The Value of IBM InfoSphere BigInsights

The IBM® InfoSphere® BigInsights™ software platform helps firms discover and analyze business insights hidden in large volumes of a diverse range of data. This data-including log records, clickstreams, social media data, news feeds, email, electronic sensor output and even some transactional data-is often ignored or discarded because it's too impractical or difficult to process using traditional means.IBM designed InfoSphere BigInsights to help firms analyze such data, basing it on open source Apache Hadoop. But what makes this IBM platform unique-that is, what value does it provide? Let's take a closer look.

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The Total Economic Impact of Polycom Voice Solutions for Microsoft Lync

Download this study to learn how one organization with 24,000 Polycom voice devices and Lync Enterprise Voice achieved a 98% risk-adjusted ROI and a payback period of 21 months. Polycom voice solutions for Microsoft Lync helped an Organization achieve the following cost savings and business benefits over three years:

- $452K Employee relocation cost savings
- $12M Improved productivity and collaboration
- $15M Total cost savings and benefits
- $582K Managed services cost savings
- $2M Phone purchase and installation savings

*Commissioned Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Polycom and Microsoft.

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2014 Survey Report: Remote Collaboration Challenges and Strategies to Overcome

In late 2013, Polycom invited customers and partners around the world to participate in a survey that focused on collaboration challenges. More than 5,000 business professionals from all job levels, functions and vertical sectors responded, candidly sharing insights about their obstacles and the strategies they deploy to overcome them.

The survey reveals that 85% of the respondents believe video conferencing helps them achieve their business goals. See how they successfully use video in their profession and how you can leverage technology to defy distance and improve remote collaboration within your organization as well.

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Whitepaper: Configure or Customize?

With Workday, business systems can be quickly configured to fit the business-meaning the configuration happens without the need for programmers, professional services, or consultants. In this paper, we examine the high cost of making and supporting customizations to client/server-based applications as well as the differences between configuration and customization.

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Whitepaper: Workday User Experience

When an organization redistributes responsibility to all employees, a business culture based on real information and informed decisions is the result. Read the whitepaper to find out how the Workday user experience is singularly focused on extending access to every user while ensuring simplicity is always at the forefront

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Whitepaper: 10 Critical Requirements of a Successful Cloud Application

Growing interest in cloud computing has prompted almost every enterprise software vendor to claim it's "in the cloud." However, in the industry's rush to fulfill demand, some vendors may skip requirements that are essential. Read this whitepaper to learn the 10 critical requirements of any successful cloud application.

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Whitepaper: The Real SaaS Manifesto

Due to the proliferation and incorrect use of the term, Software-as-a-Service has often been misunderstood by both software vendors and business people. This whitepaper defines the key terms every company should know, understand, and evaluate when considering a SaaS vendor for their business.

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Whitepaper: Real CIOs of the Cloud

As cloud computing becomes the dominant technology of this decade, today's CIOs are the catalysts for change. This whitepaper published by Techweb features two technology leaders discussing their cloud strategy.

Sponsor: Workday Inc.


Whitepaper: The Continuous Innovation Advantage of SaaS

This report defines the next generation system of record, outlining the changes and challenges with current technology and how continuous innovation has become critical for "new" systems of record. The result: SaaS-based ERP solutions now offer a compelling advantage for companies looking for more flexible and innovative workforce management.

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Forrester Report: The ROI of Software as a Service

Read Forrester's review of 11 vendors in SaaS enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), and supply chain management (SCM). The report confirms that, motivated by heavy competition for new customers, these resource management software vendors remain vigilant in mitigating such end-user concerns.

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Whitepaper: Redefining Enterprise Software Whitepaper

Companies are recognizing that to stay competitive, they must change the way they manage their most valuable resource--their people. In this whitepaper you will learn what changes are impacting business and human capital management today and how the HR department and its resource management systems need to respond.

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The Big Data Opportunity for HR and Finance

The Big Data revolution is here, and with it comes unprecedented opportunities for gathering and analyzing data. Insights from information that only recently was too difficult to store, search, or understand--especially with legacy systems and tools--are now driving innovation and strategic decision making across many progressive companies. Big data is no longer the sole prerogative of marketing, sales, and product development. HR and finance organizations are tapping into its potential and beginning to realize its value. Read the research report, The Big Data Opportunity for HR and Finance, from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services to learn how Big Data is changing the way business gets done any why it should matter to you.

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Go from Analysis to Action on your Desktop: IBM Cognos Insight guides business analysts to faster, better outcomes

Business users need a simple but powerful way to navigate through data and find the insights to make timely, critical business decisions. Unfortunately, many users have become frustrated at their inability to quickly access and analyze the information they require. This data typically includes a combination of personal and corporate data locked in various enterprise systems. It exists in different formats and can be hard to analyze, change or share--making it difficult for people to get fast answers to business questions.

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Geeknet: Business Analytics for Midsize Businesses: Challenges and Benefits

Business intelligence derived from sophisticated analytics has given large companies an edge for years. It helps them be more competitive, make information--¿based decisions faster and better, improves operational efficiencies, and boosts the bottom line. Midsize businesses are increasingly eager to reap similar benefits.

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3 capabilities to fuel today's dynamic planning and forecasting

Today's economy is widely characterized by skittishness and uncertainty about the future. The effect that unpredictable external forces can have on the economy can leave many business leaders feeling helpless. This fact was demonstrated in the IBM Global CFO Study, where many CFOs admitted that they lacked the ability to measure and monitor business performance effectively.
The same study also found that the companies who invested in their business insight capabilities were better able to anticipate and react to external economic forces. IBM Cognos software can provide businesses with the business insight they need to be prepared, not scared. Cognos software allows businesses to analyze performance, model business strategies and processes, and contribute to a common set of business objectives.

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The Big Data Zoo-Taming the Beasts

With so much talk about big data and the possibilities it can offer, the truth behind what big data is-and what it can do for businesses-can be hard to determine. However, according to Dr. Barry Devlin of 9sight Consulting, the truth behind all the talk is not hard to see, provided that organizations are willing to return to the principles of good data management processes.
According to Dr. Devlin's white paper "The Big Data Zoo-Taming the Beasts", data is still data, whether big or small. It needs to be managed effectively if organizations want to be gain value from it. Although big data may present special challenges for IT organizations, the principles of data management haven't changed.

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Infographic: Understanding Video Ads

The average Internet user watches 186 online videos per month, and the numbers keep growing. Video advertising is now growing by 55 percent annually. Check out this infographic to learn the startling facts about why this trend continues on an upswing and what you need to know to stay ahead.

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Six Priorities for Unified Communications Management

This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA™) white paper reviews the six top priorities for efficient and effective UC management, and presents CA Unified Communications Monitor (CA UC Monitor), the CA Technologies solution for addressing these needs. Also included is a case study illustrating the way in which CA UC Monitor has been employed within a large enterprise setting.

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Unified Infrastructure Monitoring and Management Increases Availability, MTTR, and IT Staff Productivity

This IDC white paper describes important infrastructure monitoring and management challenges facing IT managers today. It discusses how IT operations teams can improve end-to-end infrastructure performance and availability and work more efficiently by taking advantage of integrated infrastructure monitoring and analytics solutions.

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Dell Boomi a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for iPaaS

See why Dell Boomi is named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). Then in this free report, industry experts discuss which iPaaS solution and vendor best fits your needs. Get your copy.

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