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Malware and Vulnerabilities White Papers

Malware and Vulnerabilities white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Malware and Vulnerabilities strategy, solutions, Malware and Vulnerabilities products, and more.

2013 Cyber Risk Report

The "Cyber risk report 2013 Executive summary" presents the major findings of HP Security Research's comprehensive dive into today's cyber vulnerability and threat landscape. It provides information you need to effectively plan your cyber security strategy and deploy your defenses.

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Why You Need a Next-Generation Firewall

Next-generation (NG) firewalls, with features such as deep packet inspection, intrusion detection, application identification, and granular control, are important weapons in the battle against hacking and malware. Mobile applications have taken the overall scheme of corporate IT, and NG firewalls enable organizations to incorporate full-stack inspection to support intrusion prevention.

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