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E-business White Papers

E-business white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing E-business strategy, solutions, E-business products, and more.

It's Not Them, It's You: How Customer Experience Impacts Your Identity and Access Management Practices

Customers want more online access, but they also want to do less to get there: more mobility with less hassle. More security, but less time spent signing on. Where does that leave you and your identity and access management (IAM) practices?

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5 Reasons It's Time For Secure Single Sign-On

While cloud-based applications provide many business benefits including lowering capital expenditures, they can also drive up operational expenses by requiring more administration and lowering employee productivity due to more application login-ins, password resets and helpdesk calls. Single sign-on eliminates much of this overhead, increasing the overall ROI of cloud-based applications. Because SSO removes barriers to using cloud applications, it also can dramatically increase user adoption rate.

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Identity is the Center of Omnichannel

Secure single sign-on (SSO). Scalable access. Centralized control. Intelligence. In a word: Identity. This paper covers the benefits of adding an identity layer to bridge the gaps of simplified access, multiple entry points and authentication - and dramatically improve customer experience.

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How to Extend Identity Security to Your APIs

New security specifications, such as OAuth and OpenID Connect, have emerged to provide the necessary authentication and authorization standards for REST APIs. This paper discusses what these standards and specifications are, how they can be composed with existing standards like SAML, and details about how they work to provide identity and access management and API security now and into the future.

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OpenID Connect 1.0 for Enterprise

OpenID Connect 1.0 profiles and extends OAuth 2.0 to add an identity layer - creating a single framework that promises to secure APIs, mobile native applications and browser applications in a single, cohesive architecture. This paper introduces OpenID Connect (Connect), presents its features and highlights its applicability to enterprise use cases.

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6TB Oracle Ecommerce Stack Deployed on AWS in 7 Days

A Fortune 1000 company was told that it would take more than 6 months to deploy their ecommerce stack on AWS. CloudVelocity deployed the stack in under 7 days. Use cases included agile DR and agile DevTest on IaaS.

Sponsor: CloudVelox