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Enterprise Architecture White Papers

Enterprise Architecture white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Enterprise Architecture strategy, solutions, Enterprise Architecture products, and more.

Architecting the Network of the Future

Network administrators and IT executives alike find themselves facing an inflection point when it comes to their networks. The administrators must accommodate traditional needs relating to the first three layers of the network stack, such as performance and reliability. CIOs must accommodate the new demands of their businesses: access to private and public clouds, whether through mobile devices or desktops, as well as the flexibility that new software-defined network technologies offer at the higher levels of the network stack.

At this inflection point, both IT and the business are requiring more of their networks. But networks designed to simply forward packets don't have the capability or the intelligence to understand these high-level, application-related demands. Networks need to change, as does the way IT thinks about and manages them. In addition to reliability, IT must now add higher levels of flexibility and automation to its arsenal to accommodate changing business needs quickly and cost-effectively.

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3 Steps for Enterprise Mobility Success: Strategy, Roadmap and Policy

Having a mobile strategy is as essential as having a business plan or mission statement. A mobile strategy communicates to stakeholders, IT and customers the vision of where the organization intends to go and why. The roadmap sets your direction and timing for implementation. The policy defines the boundaries and rules of the road.

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Enterprise Collaboration Strategy

An Enterprise Collaboration Strategy will help organizations speed up innovation, better serve customers and quickly pivot to adopt rapidly changing Unified Communications & Collaboration technology. But for organizations to define an effective Collaboration Strategy, they must be able to answer several critical questions:

- Which solutions are best, and which capabilities are the most useful for a given task?
- How does your organization's collaboration strategy align with its business goals?
- How can your organization use collaboration solutions to break down barriers among its lines of business?
- How can it provide a seamless user experience to clients regardless of platform or technology?
- How can you meet your users' needs while introducing them to new solutions?

A CDW Enterprise Collaboration Strategy can answer these questions, taking the confusion out of collaboration. It gives your organization keen insight into how to implement collaboration solutions that empower users, increase efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

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