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Consumerization of IT White Papers

Consumerization of IT white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Consumerization of IT strategy, solutions, Consumerization of IT products, and more.

Social Media in Technology: A Unified Strategy for Success

Leading companies know that when different departments across the organization use social media to listen to their audiences and peers, they get stronger insights into their customers, competitors, industry, and communities. Learn how leaders in tech integrate social media to spark business growth.

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Drive Business Growth with the Right Social Media Tools

With social media taking an increasingly important role in business, CIOs have an opportunity before them: Demonstrate their ability to evolve by facilitating the adoption of social media in a secure, compliant manner. Do you have the information you need to make an informed decision?

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Marketing Analytics Handbook: Marketing ROI for the Mobile Workforce

Mobility is redefining marketing analytics capabilities. This Marketing Analytics Handbook demonstrates how 24/7 visibility into marketing ROI and other KPIs make real-time analysis of business information easily accessible to the mobile workforce.

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Infor Epiphany Solution Overview

Top customer-oriented companies are dramatically changing the way they communicate with their customers and prospects by taking advantage of an integrated, cross-discipline customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enhances every customer interaction. Infor Epiphany leads the way in enabling enterprises to deliver more timely and relevant messages and create longer lasting and more valuable customer relationships.

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Drive Customer Experience with Actionable Social CRM

Social media and the web have given rise to a new form of empowered customers who research their options, voice their opinions, solve problems, and have a powerful sphere of influence. Social media has added another digital channel to customer relationship management. The impact of social media requires organizations to combine social media interactions within a comprehensive digital CRM strategy.

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CRM and Social Media

Social media platforms are now commonly part of the marketing mix. Using social media sites as a delivery platform for marketing messages can be significantly less expensive than advertising buys, traditional PR and tradeshows. Discover five key guidelines to social CRM success.

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Bridging Channels Strengthens Customer Relationships

Customers use multiple channels to interact with the companies they do business with. A disjointed experience across those channels can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction, and churn, yet few companies have developed a cohesive approach to seamlessly connect customers. This expert Q&A with the Peppers & Rogers Group discusses how business leaders can navigate an effective course for managing multichannel customer relationships.

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Three Best Practices to Help Government Agencies Overcome BYOD Challenges

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is no longer the sole domain of leading-edge private enterprises. Nearly 80% of white-collar workers in the United States use a mobile device for work and approximately 95% of IT organizations allow use of employee-owned devices in some way. Piggybacking on its popularity in the private sector, federal and state government agencies are keen on bringing BYOD into their operations as well.
However, the preference for using personal devices over government-issued assets creates a set of new challenges for IT managers and government business leaders. This paper highlights key challenges facing government IT administrators in a BYOD environment-and discusses steps and strategies for network preparation, ongoing support, and securing information to enable widespread adoption of personal device use, while enhancing data security.

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The Benefits of Automated Log Management

To comply with today's government and industry mandates, such as PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA and GLBA, log data must be collected, regularly reviewed and archived. In addition, regular analysis and forensics can also be performed on the same log data to enhance overall security and availability. This paper discusses the challenges associated with effective log management and enables you to better define best practices and requirements for log management projects, as well as log management and review solutions.

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Now is the time to implement a video conference solution

Video conferencing is getting a lot of buzz lately due to the recent cost decrease, making it tangible for many law firms. It's easy to see why it's desirable. Without video conferencing, traveling could cost law firms hundreds of thousands per year. It also allows attorneys to perform depositions and testimonies and seamlessly communicate between offices.

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Video drives engagement

Achieving maximum results means building a solid platform and network infrastructure. As digital age unfolds, it's clear that the ability to communicate effectively anytime and from anywhere is essential.

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