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IT Leadership White Papers

IT Leadership white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing IT Leadership strategy, solutions, IT Leadership products, and more.

The Social Business: Unlocking the collective knowledge of people

Five years ago, IBM observed the planet was becoming instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. 20,000 engagements later, here's what we know and believe about social business.

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Market Overview: Digital Customer Experience Delivery Platforms

Forrester states that businesses today struggle to understand and use the tools necessary to create and manage unified, multichannel digital customer experiences across multiple touch-points. This includes web and mobile experiences for customer transactions and mobile applications.

Read this report to understand how IBM's digital experience software

-Delivers solutions for the emerging digital customer experience platform.
-Integrates best-of-breed components into software offerings that manage multiple facets of the digital customer experience.

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Enabling Unified Service Delivery Management With the nGeniusONE Platform

Today's IT organizations manage diverse business services comprising a host of applications running on many server farms within the data center. The distribution of processing across members of a server farm and the interaction with network elements for delivery, optimization and policy enforcement makes managing the delivered service increasingly more difficult. To address these complexities, the IT organization must overcome limitations to achieving a holistic visibility of the services. NetScout provides a highly scalable, unified approach to service delivery management that enables efficient, topdown performance management across complex application, server and network tiers.

Sponsor: Netscout Systems Inc.


Transform Your Data Center from Basic to Strategic by Increasing Operational Efficiency and Optimizing Intelligence

Inefficiency in power and cooling can raise costs to unacceptable level and increase the challenge of running a strategic data center. Find out how data center and facilities management are able to use DCIM solutions and a pioneering "zone" approach to bridge the information gap and drive energy reduction and operational efficiency.

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Cloud storage is strategically inevitable

Economic pressures continue to drive much of the IT agenda while, at the same time, executives are demanding that IT incorporate new and innovative technologies to drive growth and innovation. Social, mobile and big data analytics capabilities are reshaping interactions between customers, employees, vendors and business partners, enabling new revenue opportunities for enterprises while at the same time creating unprecedented data growth challenges.

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Introducing IBM FlashSystem

For your business to gain actionable insight from data and transform it into competitive advantage, your data driven applications must operate at high availability and peak performance. IBM flash delivers extreme performance to derive measurable economic value across the data architecture -- servers, software, applications and storage. The IBM FlashSystem family enables a new future where IT is no longer constrained and pained by the need to deploy HDD for performance.

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It's Who You Know: CDW + IBM

As a leading IBM Premier Business Partner, CDW has the experts to lay the foundation for a more efficient, agile data center. With more than 450 IBM certifications, and deep experience deploying IBM analytics, converged infrastructure, virtualized storage, and more; CDW and IBM are a winning team. Learn how your organization can benefit from this deep partnership.

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Whitepaper: Real CIOs of the Cloud

As cloud computing becomes the dominant technology of this decade, today's CIOs are the catalysts for change. This whitepaper published by Techweb features two technology leaders discussing their cloud strategy.

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Whitepaper: Workday User Experience

When an organization redistributes responsibility to all employees, a business culture based on real information and informed decisions is the result. Read the whitepaper to find out how the Workday user experience is singularly focused on extending access to every user while ensuring simplicity is always at the forefront

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Whitepaper: The Real SaaS Manifesto

Due to the proliferation and incorrect use of the term, Software-as-a-Service has often been misunderstood by both software vendors and business people. This whitepaper defines the key terms every company should know, understand, and evaluate when considering a SaaS vendor for their business.

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Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructures Save Time, Aid Validation When Building or Expanding the Data Center

To optimize data center deployments many companies are turning to Pre-Configured Physical Infrastructures that arrive on-site ready to be deployed, reducing the time required for planning, designing, procurement, and installation. This white paper discusses benefits including predictable performance, pre-defined and tested racking strategy designed to optimize power, stability, cooling and space.

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Thermal Management Delivers Business Gains

By creating ever-greater rack density, virtualization and cloud computing are changing the game of thermal management in the data center. What's needed is a strategic, rather than tactical approach that utilizes computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to analyze the interdependencies between power, space and cooling. The result: higher efficiency and lower total cost of ownership of data center infrastructure.

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You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure: A Predictive Approach to Energy Efficiency

As energy costs rise increasing energy efficiency is vital in the data center and across your facilities. Cooling is the largest energy cost that can generate ROI when remediated. Panduit SmartZone™ Solutions provide real-time visibility to manage energy and physical infrastructure efficiency in your enterprise through a range of software, hardware and services.

Sponsor: Panduit Corp.


451 Research: Panduit builds out DCIM, now a centerpiece of its datacenter strategy

451 Research highlights Panduit's strong DCIM solutions and services along with its pioneering 6-Zone™ Methodology approach to bridge the information gap between IT and facilities. Evaluations include Panduit SmartZone™ software and hardware, which monitor energy, assets, connectivity, capacity and thermal conditions.

Sponsor: Panduit Corp.


A Zone Approach for Energy and Physical Infrastructure Management

Using DCIM solutions to assess "zones" from building point-of-entry for utilities to individual devices in data center cabinets bridges the information gap between IT and facility managers. Increased visibility and accurate real-time data helps maximize energy efficiency, reduce costs, improve capacity, and increase the resilience of the facility.

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Optimizing the Energy Efficiency of the Modern Data Center

Rising energy costs, needs around energy efficiencies, increased compute densities, and big data demands are driving data center managers to conserve electricity and make the most of what they expend. This white paper addresses the importance of utilizing technologies that are able to meet the needs of your environment in order to optimize your data center.

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Impact of Air Containment Systems - Reducing Energy Consumption in the Data Center

Data centers are mission-critical facilities and surging demand for processing power, work load virtualization and consolidation combined with pressure to reduce OpEx and improve asset utilization are making thermal management challenging. This white paper addresses thermal issues that were once ignored, but now must be addressed to reduce cost and increase capacity.

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Physical Infrastructure Optimization: A Foundation for Growth

According to Gartner, the rise in big data is one of the forces that will change IT. The proliferation of data is accelerating, and most IT departments are not prepared to handle the demands of managing and storing so much data. At the same time, corporate data centers are ill-equipped to handle the flood, driving the need to consolidate and optimize the physical infrastructure.

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