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Social Business White Papers

Social Business white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Social Business strategy, solutions, Social Business products, and more.

Shifting Gears: The Value of Customer-Driven Quality in Manufacturing

In today's competitive manufacturing market, the customer must be the center of the quality universe. This paper details how manufacturers can improve customer satisfaction, build brand equity and reduce costs by leveraging technology to get broader information from customers, eliminate information silos, integrate customer data across all sources, and automate analytics to filter the most critical customer feedback.

Sponsor: SAS


Unlocking the Promise of Demand Sensing and Shaping through Big Data Analytics

Many organizations have limited insight into big data. These limitations have significant opportunity costs and can have a negative effect on identifying and understanding customer demand patterns and related supply constraints. This paper goes beyond basic demand-sensing and demand-shaping concepts and explains how the use of advanced analytical techniques (such as high-performance analytics) and big data can enhance supply chain networks through rigorous demand and supply management.

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The Brave New World of Customer-Centric Manufacturing

Manufacturers have traditionally fostered close relationships with retailers and channel partners who sell their products rather than interacting directly with consumers. But this is changing. Learn how manufacturers can succeed in this new era of customer-centric manufacturing.

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AIIM SharePoint Industry Watch

Social has emerged to become one of the most important technological concepts within recent years. The increased availability of high speed broadband, advances in mobile and tablet devices, soaring consumer awareness, and the ever-present need of all humans to communicate have combined to create an unstoppable chain of events that have pushed social into the limelight.

AIIM surveyed its 65,000 community members to look at how the enterprise is reacting to social aspects, why organizations are exploring social, who is for and against the adoption of social, and which areas of the business are taking full advantage of the opportunities that social presents.

Sponsor: IBM


Managing Social Content to Maximize Value and Minimize Risk

The use of social business applications can lead to improved collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation across your organization. It also creates a new set of content management challenges. How can you incorporate knowledge and information generated in interactions into business processes and put it to work for the larger organization? How can you quickly and cost-effectively find information needed for legal or regulatory proceedings? The social content management strategy you put in place can make all the difference in the ultimate long-term value you receive and risks you face from social solutions. In this AIIM white paper, you will learn about the roles of content publishing systems and content management systems in social business strategies and steps you can take to help ensure that your social business efforts are as successful as possible.

Sponsor: IBM