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Application Security White Papers

Application Security white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Application Security strategy, solutions, Application Security products, and more.

Unifying Secuirty Operations

Agile enterprises know that the way to quickly identify and react to threats to the business is to break down operational siloes by using collaborative processes, relationships, and shared resources. This business white paper outlines how a unified approach across security and operations is an invaluable solution.

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Is Your Credit Card Data Safe from Hacks?

News of recent credit card hacks has rocked consumer confidence. Even talk of a security breach can bring on a PR firestorm. What can you do to make sure your customers and clients are protected? The 12 Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) requirements along with the right Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solution can help keep you one step ahead of the hackers.

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