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Content/Document Management White Papers

Content/Document Management white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Content/Document Management strategy, solutions, Content/Document Management products, and more.

Unlocking the Promise of Demand Sensing and Shaping through Big Data Analytics

Many organizations have limited insight into big data. These limitations have significant opportunity costs and can have a negative effect on identifying and understanding customer demand patterns and related supply constraints. This paper goes beyond basic demand-sensing and demand-shaping concepts and explains how the use of advanced analytical techniques (such as high-performance analytics) and big data can enhance supply chain networks through rigorous demand and supply management.

Sponsor: SAS


From audit compliance to app stores, accelerate your move to software asset management

With comprehensive software asset management, organizations can prepare for audits and ultimately implement an automated, self-service enterprise "app" store to simplify, streamline, and better control software requests, approvals, deployment and licensing.

Sponsor: IBM


Going Paperless? Here's What You Need to Think About

As makers of some of the world's most popular Portable Document Format (PDF) solutions, we often consult with businesses and governmental agencies that have the goal of moving to the paperless office. They understand the benefits. What they don't always know is how to get there.

Sponsor: FoxIT Corporation


Why It Pays to Use Electronic Signatures

Every day, all over the world, businesses and individuals are forgoing paper and signing important business and personal documents online. From signing a vendor contract, to signing a home mortgage, and everything in between. You may have already electronically signed a document yourself and are looking to find out more. No matter the size of the business and no matter what type of business you're in, you want to save money and increase revenue. And you want to make it all easy. Electronic signatures are a powerful way to accomplish all that.

Sponsor: DocuSign


Dynamic Workload Automation Optimizes End-to-End Business Service Performance

This white paper, sponsored by CA Technologies, discusses the market and technology forces that are reshaping today's enterprise workload management automation requirements and strategies. It describes how a unified, service-centric approach to workload management automation can effectively address many of the challenges created by cloud, big data, social technologies, SOA, and mobility. The paper also discusses how the CA Workload Automation portfolio provides a unified approach to supporting the needs of complex, heterogeneous enterprise workload environments.

Sponsor: CA Technologies


Ombud Open Research: eSignature Solutions

This complimentary Ombud analyst report will help you understand the momentum in eSignature technologies, select the right eSignature platform for your organization's needs, and the beneficial impact of eSignatures including cost savings, speed to results, and customer experience.

Sponsor: DocuSign


Analyst Report: High-Tech Companies Grow Quickly Using DocuSign eSignatures

This complimentary Ombud analyst report examines use cases from leading high-tech companies such as, McAfee and LinkedIn and how they leverage eSignatures to close business faster, manage efficiencies and costs with notable results, and automate back-end contract processes.

Sponsor: DocuSign


InfoTech: Cloud File Sharing

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud file sharing solutions to meet end-user's needs for a lightweight and effective collaboration tool. In this report, Info-Tech highlights their evaluation of eight leading vendors in this market, including Google, Dropbox, Microsoft, Box and others. See how each scored and find out who emerged as true champions and who is trailing the pack.

Sponsor: Box


Visualizing Gamification with Intelligent Digital Signage

Over the past several years, many businesses have introduced game mechanics into their business practices in order to motivate performance and increase productivity. This gamification of business is further complemented by Intelligent Digital Signage systems that leverage existing data sources and create real-time scoreboards for effective productivity increases.

Sponsor: RMG Networks


Integrated Performance Management Pays Dividends For Financial Services Firms

The mainframe is an indispensable element of the IT infrastructure of financial services companies, but poor application management is costly. New research from IDG shows how integrated performance management yields real gains in productivity and reduces down time. View this infographic to learn more.

Sponsor: Ca Technologies