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Data Storage White Papers

Data Storage white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Data Storage strategy, solutions, Data Storage products, and more.

Data Warehouse Augmentation: The Queryable Data Store

Big data does not spell extinction for the data warehouse. On the contrary, big data problems can be better addressed by an enhanced data warehouse. And big data technology can be used to augment the warehouse's value. IBM has identified three approaches to data warehouse augmentation, one of which is a queryable data store. This paper focuses on the benefits of a queryable data store and big data technologies available to support data warehouse augmentation.
Read the paper to understand how data can be stored and optimized with Hadoop, to assess whether or not you need a queryable data store, and to find out how you can try IBM InfoSphere BigInsights software's key enterprise features for free.

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Rebranded Quadmark revamps its IT solutions with Google Apps

Switching to Google Apps halved Quadmark's IT admin costs while achieving 10% time savings per employee. The global consulting firm now spends 80% less time training new hires on email and collaboration tools.

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CrashPlan PROe Security

CrashPlan PROe is a continuous, multi-destination solution engineered to back up mission-critical data whenever and wherever it is created. Because mobile laptops often are connected to unsecured networks, a very high standard of security is required to ensure privacy.

Sponsor: Code42


Protecting Digitalized Assets in Healthcare

Healthcare providers face an urgent, internal battle every day: security and compliance versus productivity and service. For most healthcare organizations, the fight is an easy one: Providing quick, high-quality care wins every single time.
The pressure, therefore, is on healthcare IT to enable doctors and nurses to provide patients' with fast and timely information, while keeping medical information secure and compliant. Finding the balance between convenience and compliance isn't easy, but it is possible. Download our full report to learn how.

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File Security Evolution: From 5 Years Ago to Today (with a Hint at Tomorrow)

This whitepaper examines the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) movement, from carrying around a floppy disk to today's "cloud" services. This paper explains that employees may not be aware that their file transfer methods can cause a risk to security.

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Maximizing Uptime for Mission-Critical File Transfers: Availability and Scalability for Managed File Transfer

This whitepaper provides guidance on common high-availability and scale-out deployment architectures, and discusses the factors to consider for your specific business environment. Three basic models are described for deploying an on-site managed file transfer (MFT) solution. The attributes of each option are described; each has pros and cons and offers a different balance of cost, complexity, availability, and scalability. The paper explains that, no matter how reliable each model is, any deployment can experience outages. The recommendation is to use clustering services to protect your data when the inevitable hardware, software, or network failures occur.

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Users want Mobile File Access. IT Managers want Control.

This whitepaper examines the way in which enterprise mobility has both increased employee productivity and decreased the security of corporate networks. The paper discusses the challenges IT managers have with controlling the "Bring Your Own Device" (BYOD) trend to allow mobile users to have access to the corporate network. Explained in the paper is the limit to visibility and control of file transfers when employees use ad hoc methods, and that educating employees on proper data access is not enough to protect the corporate network. The paper concludes by describing how Globalscape's EFT™ and Tappin™ can provide mobile access, without compromising security and controls over file sharing

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Select the Right Cloud-Based ITSM Solution

CIOs and IT organizations must reevaluate their operations in order to keep pace with the changing nature of today's business. Fortunately, there's a new generation of ITSM solutions available via a more flexible SaaS delivery platform. They make the basic tasks of day-to-day ITSM easier, and also address challenges associated with an increasingly face-paced and demanding work environment. This step-by-step guide helps CIOs select the right cloud-based ITSM platform to capitalize on today's latest innovations.

Sponsor: BMC Software


The New IT

Your people and business can do amazing things when technology runs at its best. The new ITSM experience helps organizations achieve greatness in today's mobile, social and user-centric reality. Discover a better way for users to access service and support anywhere, anytime. Explore enhanced productivity for IT staff, and seamless integration across IT operation management systems. Download now.

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Three Best Practices to Help Government Agencies Overcome BYOD Challenges

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is no longer the sole domain of leading-edge private enterprises. Nearly 80% of white-collar workers in the United States use a mobile device for work and approximately 95% of IT organizations allow use of employee-owned devices in some way. Piggybacking on its popularity in the private sector, federal and state government agencies are keen on bringing BYOD into their operations as well.
However, the preference for using personal devices over government-issued assets creates a set of new challenges for IT managers and government business leaders. This paper highlights key challenges facing government IT administrators in a BYOD environment-and discusses steps and strategies for network preparation, ongoing support, and securing information to enable widespread adoption of personal device use, while enhancing data security.

Sponsor: AVI-SPL


Keep Your Network Available, Efficient and Secure

Make the most of your network by working with experts who "get it." CDW and F5 have partnered to keep networks highly optimized. Keep your network highly available and redundant even during times of heavy traffic, shift application needs to maximize performance, and protect your network from the threats that might compromise data security.

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VCE Converged Infrastructure Enables Continuous Operation for Swiss Power Plant

Switzerland's Kernkraftwerk Leibstadt (KKL) nuclear power plant was faced with an immovable external compliance audit that forced it to accelerate a move to a highly available data center. Read how Vblock™ Systems, running in active-active mode, enabled KKL to transform its twin data centers in just two months, enable continuous operations, virtualize 95% of its applications and reduce servers by 50%.

Sponsor: VCE


The Future of IT: A Customer First Approach

IT is embracing to this new world of consumerized technology, with a focus on its own employees as internal customers. Explore how customer-first policies can make use of social, mobile and cloud technologies to give workers the freedom and flexibility they desire to drive company productivity.

Sponsor: BMC Software


MyIT- Consumer Cool for Business Apps

Rich Ptak discusses how BMC's MyIT combines the ease and familiarity of accessing today's consumer apps with the stability, security and strengths of the enterprise IT infrastructure. Ptak covers all the MyIT features and options designed to remove the common reluctance of employees to use typical IT service.

Sponsor: BMC Software


MyIT- Consumer Cool for Business Apps

Rich Ptak discusses how BMC's MyIT combines the ease and familiarity of accessing today's consumer apps with the stability, security and strengths of the enterprise IT infrastructure. Ptak covers all the MyIT features and options designed to remove the common reluctance of employees to use typical IT service.

Sponsor: BMC Software


Revisiting the Search for Long-Term Storage -- A TCO Analysis of Tape and Disk

The Clipper Group, a 20-year old computer industry analyst firm, inde-pendently funded a total-cost-of-owner-ship (TCO) study to compare the costs of backend storage on high-capacity SATA/SAS disks and LTO tape for holding archived data. This is the fourth iteration of this TCO study and is in many ways an update to the one done in 2010. The study's goal was to de-termine the relative economic rela-tionship of the cost of storing archived data on disk versus tape in a large en-terprise over a forward-looking nine-year period, which was long enough to reach long-term conclusions. We found that the average cost for a disk-based backend storage solution costs about 26 times as much as the average cost of a tape-based solution using an automated tape library (ATL). This is not a declaration that tape is better than disk, as each serves a valuable purpose in archiving and you probably need a mixture of the two.

Sponsor: Ultrium LTO Consortium


Get the Facts: LTO Tape Reliability Saves

Don't listen to the hype. Tape remains the most reliable storage solutions available. Find out the truth about backups and why disk and tape play key roles in the storage hierarchy.

Sponsor: Ultrium LTO Consortium


The Evolving Role of Disk and Tape

Disk-based solutions for data protection have opened up new storage options for organizations. The question should not be whether to choose disk or tape, but rather how to leverage both technologies to deploy a cost-effective tiered-storage architecture. This paper discusses the 5 best practices for backup and long-term data protection

Sponsor: Ultrium LTO Consortium


LTFS Hits the Mark in Media Entertainment: An In-Depth Introduction to LTFS for Digital Media

In the media and entertainment industry, content is king. The majority of this content is now produced in digital form and virtually all of this content has digital distribution; that content is not digital data. Protecting that content, the lifeblood of this industry, with the right data storage solution is more important than ever.

Sponsor: Ultrium LTO Consortium


Tape Fallacies Exposed -- The Future of Tape Is Still Bright

Tape is not going away anytime soon. That may disappoint the "tape is dead" crowd who believe in fallacies such as disk can replace tape for all practical purposes, that disk is cost competitive for all tasks where tape has traditionally been strong, and that tape has significant manageability and usability issues. The fact is that tape shines in areas such as off-line, off-site data protection, tape has dramatic cost and green advantages over disk, and tape is more than acceptable from a manageability and usability perspective. Will the critics never learn?

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