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Applications White Papers

Applications white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Applications strategy, solutions, Applications products, and more.

Path Selection Infographic

Path selection technology provides the ability to re-direct select traffic and application flows through alternate WAN routes based on service metrics, such as path availability and priority. This path selection technology empowers IT organizations with greater controls to maximize multiple WAN services based on business needs, service quality, and costs. It also utilizes the ability to redirect specific traffic or applications through one of three alternate gateway paths determined by destination availability in cascading order. Learn more.

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Hyperconvergence Infographic

A vast number of technologies are currently flooding networks with enormous amounts of traffic and transforming today's data centers. Therefore, a wide range of observers agree that data centers are now entering an era of "hyperconvergence" that will raise network traffic levels faster and further than anything the IT world has seen before. Is your network prepared to handle the upcoming onslaught of data? Learning to overcome that surge and boost network performance is key.

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Preparing Your Infrastructure for the Hyperconvergence Era

From cloud computing and virtualization to mobility and unified communications, an array of innovative technologies is transforming today's data centers. And along the way, they're also flooding corporate networks with enormous new torrents of traffic. A wide range of observers agree that data centers are now entering an era of "hyperconvergence" that will raise network traffic levels faster and further than anything the IT world has seen before. Ready or not, a "zettaflood" of data, devices, and users is bearing down. Surviving it will take a new approach to network planning and optimization.

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Increase IT Performance from the Enterprise to the Cloud with WAN Optimization

WAN optimization plays an important role in today's highly distributed datacenters and cloud computing architectures. Massive consolidation and data mobility, enabled by virtualization, have radically altered how we build servers, design applications, and deploy storage for the emerging "cloud" decade. This paper discusses how Riverbed solutions effectively eliminate IT performance constraints in such environments.

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The CIO's New Guide to Design of Global IT Infrastructure

Is it possible to eliminate the impact of distance? This paper explores the 5 key principles successful CIO's are using to redesign IT infrastructure of any size. Learn how to be prepared to adapt your environment in a way that supports distributed employees, anytime anywhere collaboration and the need for business continuity during a disaster.

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Assessing ROI for Mobile Acceleration Clients

This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA) paper examines the business case for deploying mobile WAN optimization client software and builds a Return on Investment (ROI) model based on the experiences that three organizations have had using Riverbed's Steelhead Mobile solution. The results indicate compelling ROI with paybacks that can reasonably be expected in six months or less.

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Four Little-Known Ways WAN Optimization Can Benefit Your Organization

You know that WAN optimization has evolved into a complete system that optimizes traffic across a broad range of most popular applications while providing deep visibility into performance. However, today's comprehensive solutions can improve just about every major IT initiative. Read this short white paper to learn how next-generation WAN optimization solutions can benefit your organization more than ever before.

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Five Steps to Achieve Success in your Application Security Program

This white paper provides a general framework your organization can use to create or build upon an application security program. It includes guidelines that can be useful at different stages of your security program's maturity. By addressing key considerations, providing clear and actionable items, and offering real-world examples, these five steps provide an adaptable strategy to help your organization get started and maintain an effective, ongoing application-security strategy.

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Unlock the Value of Enterprise Mobility

Download this guide and learn how to manage the secure deployment of enterprise mobile apps and data, while still encouraging the levels of employee adoption needed to drive the productivity and ROI gains that are possible.

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Rebranded Quadmark revamps its IT solutions with Google Apps

Switching to Google Apps halved Quadmark's IT admin costs while achieving 10% time savings per employee. The global consulting firm now spends 80% less time training new hires on email and collaboration tools.

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Manufacturing Outlook: Improving time to market, operational effectiveness and innovation in a highly competitive environment

Manufacturing production is expected to grow over the next few years but many manufacturers are still struggling to recover from the contraction in the industry that began in 2008. As the industry rebounds, manufacturers now face a more competitive environment where they must do more with less. They will have to optimize resources, choose projects wisely, better manage risk and find the time and budget to innovate in order to thrive.
An enterprise project portfolio management solution can help manufacturers position themselves in the new competitive landscape.

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Time-to-Market: The Need for Speed in the Automotive Industry

Bringing new vehicles to market quickly has never been more challenging. Not only are new vehicles more complex than ever before, but supply chains are stretched, consumers are more demanding and even small delays can cost millions of dollars per model. To bring new models to market on-time and on budget, automakers need an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution that can improve financial management, provide greater operational excellence, and risk mitigation through project or portfolio analysis.

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2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report

For the 7th year in a row, Riverbed is in the "Leaders" Quadrant of the 2014 Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers. In this report, Gartner presents an overview of the WAN optimization market and its latest trends. Find out what Gartner has to say about the strategic value of WAN optimization solutions and their evaluation of the technology vendors that provide them. Access the complete Gartner Magic Quadrant for WAN Optimization Controllers, 2014.

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Patient Portals: A Platform for Connecting Communities of Care

Connecting patient health data across the care continuum is essential to achieve improved care, increased access to personal health records and lowered costs. A successful approach rests in having the hospital serve as the connectivity hub for bringing patients, care givers and healthcare professionals together in a secure, online environment. Read this whitepaper to see what keys are needed to craft a community through your patient portal.

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Safe and Economical Reuse of Legacy Mainframe Applications

See if web enablement is a good fit for your IT organization. You'll learn how to quickly provide a new web interface and, as needed, simple controls over application workflow. The paper presents the user perspective, the IT perspective, and methods for accomplishing application rejuvenation.

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Mobile-Enabling Your Workforce with Apps You Already Have

Learn how Verastream can unlock your legacy IBM mainframe and midrange assets and make them seamlessly accessible to your mobile audience. An advanced technology tool and mobile-enablement platform, Verastream can quickly package your applications and data into any format, for any device.

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Zero-Footprint Terminal Emulation for Mobile Devices

See how mainframe access in the cloud can provide big benefits for users and IT alike. As the powerhouse working behind the scenes, Attachmate Verastream simplifies mobile enablement with a modern three-tier approach.

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No Longer a Necessary Evil: How Modern CRM Empowers Sales

CRM has long been seen as a must-have sales tool. However, much of the value of traditional CRM accrues to managers, not the reps that use them daily. Learn how CRM designed for the individual benefits the entire sales organization from increased data quality to more predictable revenue pipelines.

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Interested in True Network Performance? Measure it From an Application Perspective.

More than ever before, applications are becoming the lifeblood for most organizations. Consider online retailers, insurance providers, banks or any company that delivers a service over the cloud. Their entire brand identity is wrapped up in the performance of their applications, which means that any service delays or interruptions can quickly translate to lost customers, reduced revenue and a damaged reputation.

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Manage Your Network Infrastructure for Optimal Application Performance

This ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATES® (EMA) white paper examines the drive behind and requirements for ANPM solutions, so that network engineers, managers, and operators can recognize, characterize, troubleshoot, and communicate details of how applications and services perform as they transit the network.

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