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Virtualization White Papers

Virtualization white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Virtualization strategy, solutions, Virtualization products, and more.

The Truth About Virtual Computing for CAD

If you're a user of graphics-intensive software such as 3D modeling, simulation and analysis, and visualization, you might be skeptical about moving to a virtualized computing environment. However, the Citrix XenDesktop virtualization solution with HDX 3D Pro graphics acceleration technology is not only delivering an excellent user experience, it's also delivering benefits that don't come standard on a traditional desktop computer.

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Virtually Delivered High Performance 3D Graphics

"A picture is worth a thousand words." That old phrase is as true today as it ever was. Pictures (i.e., those with heavy graphical content) are still too large to easily transfer using the Internet or company wide area networks (WANs). Historically, high-powered desktop computers with dedicated 3D graphics hardware were required to support data creation and modification. In addition, the 3D data needed to be on the local area network (LAN), since opening the large files from remote servers was too time-consuming. In some companies, even the typical LAN (1Gb Ethernet) is too slow for the multi-gigabyte data sets that are becoming common.

In this paper, CIMdata reviews business issues associated with graphicsintensive data and 3D applications that can now be addressed by remote 3D graphics technology. This paper also includes an overview of virtualization--a key technology that facilitates flexible cost-effective implementation of a 3D visualization strategy.

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Considerations For Effective Software License Management

For many reasons, software license management has become a critical issue for many IT organizations and enterprise's alike. With many licensing options, hurdles and complications to consider, software licensing can be a daunting task. This e-guide provides readers with invaluable software license management techniques for the virtual data center, including addressing server application virtualization challenges. This guide also includes a checklist for effective software license management.

Sponsor: CDW


Vblock™ Specialized System for High Performance Databases

Extend the efficiency of VCE converged infrastructure to your most demanding database needs. Learn how Vblock™ Specialized Systems have been designed to deliver high performance in the millions of IOPS - with millisecond response times, continuous availability, and exceptional flexibility for enterprise applications such as Oracle, all at a low total cost of ownership.

Sponsor: VCE


Innovating Cloud Backup with Veeam

With built-in WAN acceleration and the ability to perform high-performance backup from storage-based snapshots, award-winning backup and replication vendor, Veeam, leverages virtualization and cloud technologies to innovate and protect the modern data center.

Sponsor: VEEAM Software


Virtualization Best Practices Guide

Virtualization promises to boost efficiency and cut costs, making it an important element in your IT department's efforts to do more with less. Whether you're running applications on physical or virtual machines, you still need to stay vigilant to guard against the hazard of malware and other cyberthreats.

Sponsor: Kaspersky


Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization IDC

Over the next one to two years, several vendors will release major new versions of their virtualization products that will vastly boost their competitiveness. One such product is Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), a commercial package of the open source KVM hypervisor and the open source oVirt management tools. Red Hat is a key leader in Linux and open source, and its history of successfully commercializing open source bodes well for KVM and oVirt.

Sponsor: Red Hat


Improving IT Efficiencies: Four Advantages of Multi-Tenant Data Centers

Increasing demands on IT are forcing organizations to rethink their data center options. For many organizations, that means turning to the flexibility afforded them by outsourced cloud solutions, which can provide exponential cost savings.

Sponsor: Coresite


Creating a Video Collaboration Strategy: Four Mistakes Mid-Market Companies Make and How to Avoid Them

Mobile, desktop, dedicated, telepresence - there are more video collaboration options than ever before. With this abundance of choice comes a higher degree of complexity. To put your organization on the path to success, learn the four most common and costly mistakes mid-market companies make when planning their video collaboration strategy--and how to avoid them.
* Limiting strategy to dedicated video conferencing systems
* Underestimating network requirements
* Buying before trying the solution
* Overlooking managed services and support
This Cisco-sponsored whitepaper from AVI-SPL shares key insights from Cisco's and AVI-SPL's teams of video collaboration integration experts gained through hundreds of deployments in mid-market companies.

Sponsor: AVI-SPL


Beyond Cost Savings: Justification for Virtualization Expansion

It usually takes a "compelling event" before you consider expanding virtualization within your IT environment. Avoidance of new physical server purchases, an OS migration or a major software license renewal can all be triggers. Rather than waiting for an event, forward-thinking IT leaders are capitalizing on the many other benefits of virtualization. The four compelling reasons listed within this white paper provide justification for increased investments in virtualization.

Sponsor: VMware HP


Don't Get Stuck on Your Virtualization Journey

A typical virtualization journey consists of three distinct phases that starts with virtualization and ends with the shift to an ITaaS model based on a cloud infrastructure. Many businesses get stuck somewhere along the way. The best practices in this guide demonstrate how to reap all the advantages of the ITaaS phase based on research from businesses who are realizing higher operational, financial, and business benefits of cloud-based ITaaS.

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Infographic: Optimize VDI With EMC Flash

EMC VDI solutions take desktop computing to new levels of performance, efficiency, and simplicity. These powerful solutions meet your business' changing requirements, enabling anytime, anywhere, and any device access to desktop applications and services. See how EMC VDI solutions with flash technology transform desktop computing, enabling supercharged performance for organizations of all sizes.

Sponsor: EMC Corporation


University of San Diego Advances Academic Excellence with Vblock™

Needing a more flexible IT infrastructure to support academic excellence, and not wanting to piece together technologies on their own, University of San Diego turned to VCE Vblock™ Systems. This case study highlights how Vblock System enabled them to speed the rollout of new infrastructure by 75% while reducing IT implementation costs by 50%.

Sponsor: VCE


Plains Midstream Canada Fast Forwards Integration of Acquired Assets

Rapidly integrating assets, systems and employees from a large acquisition is a major IT challenge. Learn how one oil and gas company leveraged VCE Vblock™ Systems to transform IT into an agile organization that was able to quickly on-board applications and speed deployment of new services without expanding its data center footprint.

Sponsor: VCE


Lessons Learned from Virtualizing JD Edwards

Wanting to virtualize Oracle JD Edwards, a multi-national organization deployed VCE Vblock™. This case study describes how Vblock™ provided the business agility this global company required while dramatically reducing data center space requirements and power costs.

Sponsor: VCE


Swiss Nuclear Power Plant Improves Business Continuity

Faced with a challenge to reliably mirror 10TB of data in real time while improving overall system robustness was the goal for a Swiss nuclear power plant. This case study explains why KKL chose VCE VblockTM Systems, how they configured the system, and how they were able to transform their twin data centers to ensure a highly-available, resilient operation in just two months.

Sponsor: VCE


Learn How to Store 5X More Data in the Same Space

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are facing the huge challenge of managing rapid data growth. The IBM Storewize family can manage 5X more data stored in the same space with Real-Time Compression and increase performance by 3X with as little as 10% storage. Transform your current storage infrastructure into an efficient, virtualized and flash-optimized solution with the IBM Storwize family.

Sponsor: CDW


Optimized Efficiency for SMB Datacenters with Infortrend EonStor DS Storage Solutions

Did you know that Infortrend's EonStor DS systems are ideal solutions for storage infrastructure consolidation, high-availability clusters, server virtualization and green datacenters? And now, they're 16Gb Fibre Channel-ready.

Sponsor: Infortrend


Monitor Application Performance in Virtualized and Cloud Environments

Worried about application performance in the cloud? Real-time analysis of wire data provides you with deterministic application response times and detailed L7 metrics. This white paper explains how you can get the visibility you need to manage P2V migrations and cloud performance.

Sponsor: ExtraHop Networks


Free Virtual Appliance for Application Performance Monitoring

The ExtraHop Discovery Edition is a free virtual appliance that will help you to discover the performance of your applications across the network, web, VDI, database, and storage tiers. Get yours today!

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