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Databases White Papers

Databases white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Databases strategy, solutions, Databases products, and more.

Federated Data Checks In

Follow Westwood Vacations' journey from a downward slump of losing revenue quarter over quarter to a record-breaking year in just over 18 months. You will quickly see how a small change in executive philosophy, a tweak to the corporate culture and the right technology allowed them to connect and understand its customers across all of its resorts and deliver an experience that exceeded all expectations - including its own.

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Aberdeen Group: Marketing Analytics for Manufacturing: Forging Customer Insights

Effective marketing analytics have the ability to leverage big data and break down unstructured customer information to help manufacturers better understand customer needs. Aberdeen Group's recent research found that 43% of manufacturers cited finding new ways to serve customers as a primary area of focus. This Aberdeen Group report explores the drivers and benefits of marketing analytics and examines big data's role in customer intelligence, as well as specific manufacturing capabilities to analyze customer behavior and trends.

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