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Security White Papers

Security white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Security strategy, solutions, Security products, and more.

Radicati: Cloud Business Email - Market Quadrant 2013

Google was named the top cloud business email provider in a recent report by research firm Radicati. Out of 14 key players, Google Apps for Business leads the pack in both functionality and estimated adoption.

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Tablets in the Enterprise: A Checklist for Successful Deployment

Roughly 98% of Fortune 500 companies are currently using or supporting iPads in their organizations. If the most powerful companies in the world are on the tablet bandwagon, it's only a matter of time before tablets become integral to the way we work. Employees are choosing iPads and other tablets to enhance their productivity and for the flexibility to work anywhere, anytime.

So, how can you enterprise manage and secure tablets in order to protect corporate data while providing access to the information and applications employees need to work? Read on.

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Enterprise Mobility: A Checklist for Secure Containerization

The mobilization of a workforce creates ongoing challenges for enterprise IT teams charged with security and
compliance of critical corporate data on employee-owned devices. Happily, some of these challenges can be
resolved through implementation of a multi-layered, enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy. One
EMM component to consider is containerization-a security method that separates enterprise applications
and data from personal applications and data.

Following is an overview of the multiple approaches to containerization, including the pros and cons of each.

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Enterprise File Sync & Share Checklist

File sync and share has changed the way people work and collaborate in today's tech-savvy world. Gone are the email roadblocks, clunky FTP sites, unreliable remote server access and VPNs. Instead employees can work seamlessly from anywhere. This flexibility has become increasingly important--and expected--with IT consumerization, BYOD and daily use of multiple devices for work. But, not all file sync and share platforms are created equally.

While consumer-grade sync and share platforms are easy to use, they also have limitations. Many are only accessible through apps or web browsers, have storage limits and provide only email-based support. Additionally, consumer-grade platforms often lack the level of data encryption, security and integration required for enterprise IT to fully secure and protect data moving into and out of their networks. Review this checklist for must-have guidelines and considerations for selecting an enterprise-ready file sync and share that provides IT with complete visibility and control, while allowing users to just keep working.

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Enterprise Endpoint Backup Checklist

Let's face it, users store business data on laptops and desktops, even if they're not supposed to. And mission-critical data-including sensitive, executive-level information-exists exclusively on these endpoint devices. IT organizations unprepared to provide easy-to-use, easy-to-administer, cross-platform endpoint backup and restore are at risk for needless data loss and IT management nightmares. Read this checklist to learn how to create a back up strategy to quickly and easily protect your endpoint data.

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Enterprise Security Checklist

Don't be a target! With the onset of BYOD and IT consumerization, threats to your network security and sensitive corporate information are very real. But there are simple steps you can start implementing today to safeguard your IT environment against these increasing security threats by cybercriminals. Read this checklist to increase your security and update your processes for protection today.

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5 Impactful Tips for Securing BYOD in the Enterprise

Allowing employees to use their personal devices for work provides flexibility, convenience and ease-of-use benefits that enhance their productivity and overall work experience. However, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies can pose security challenges to your enterprise environment. IT must monitor and control which devices are brought into the enterprise and implement a security strategy that can aid in the management of these devices.

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CrashPlan PROe Security

CrashPlan PROe is a continuous, multi-destination solution engineered to back up mission-critical data whenever and wherever it is created. Because mobile laptops often are connected to unsecured networks, a very high standard of security is required to ensure privacy.

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SharePlan Security

SharePlan is a continuous, secure, enterprise-ready file sync and share platform that facilitates smart, real-time collaboration across all devices. Because laptops and mobile devices often are connected to unsecured networks, a very high standard of security is required to ensure privacy.

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Leveraging Endpoint Backup for Legal Holds & E-Discovery

As the volume, mobility and compliance requirements of enterprise data explodes, so has the need to collect and preserve data for the purpose of e-discovery. Learn how enterprise endpoint backup can satisfy data collection and preservation requirements in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner than traditional e-discovery methods.

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Binary Option: Neustar SiteProtect Case Study

Learn how Neustar helped protect against DDoS attacks with SiteProtect DDoS mitigation technology.

Sponsor: Neustar Inc.


Four Ways DNS Can Accelerate Business Growth

This DNS eBook describes how DNS has developed over the years to support business growth as new needs have emerged, for example, advanced traffic management and protection from cyber threats.

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Three Ways Your DNS Can Impact DDoS Attacks

Domain Name System (DNS) plays a big role in consumers' day-to-day Internet usage and is a critical factor when it comes to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Learn three ways your DNS can have an impact on DDoS attacks.

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The Winter Games - Your Way

During the 2014 Winter Olympics, video streams from the Akamai network reached devices internationally. Learn how Akamai provided stream security and analytics capabilities 24/7, and find out about key statistics that Akamai collected. Read this blog for a window into understanding the true freedom that a quality online experience unlocks.

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Who's Spying on You?

You're aware of the threats of malware to your business but what about the ever-changing ground rules? Cybercriminals today are launching attacks against businesses by copying sophisticated malware and techniques used to target governments and high-profile organizations. Download this report to learn more.

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The Threat Landscape

Hardly a day goes by without the discovery of a new cyberthreat somewhere in the world! But how do you keep up with new malware and evolving cybercriminal tricks? Download Kaspersky's Guide to the Threat Landscape to learn more.

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IT Security by the Numbers: Calculating the Total Cost of Protection

Kaspersky Lab has created an eBook to help you calculate the true cost of protecting your business infrastructure, intelligence, and reputation. Download "IT Security by the Numbers: Calculating the Total Cost of Protection" to learn more.

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Virtualization Security Is Not an Oxymoron

While the business benefits of virtualization are clear, the virtualized world makes your organization vulnerable to a wide array of new cybersecurity threats. Are you willing to bet your organization's IT infrastructure on your ability to combat these hazards?

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IT Security - Fighting the Silent Threat

Kaspersky Lab experts are releasing new research designed to assist you in your cybersecurity business decisions. "IT Security - Fighting the Silent Threat" is a global report into business attitudes and opinions on IT security. Download the report now to get quantifiable statistics about perceived versus real cyberattacks.

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Cutting Complexity - Simplifying Security

With corporate IT becoming increasingly complex, how can IT management boost efficiency...while improving corporate security? This white paper looks at how the latest IT Systems Management solutions can simplify and automate a vast range of routine IT management tasks.

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