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Networking White Papers

Networking white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Networking strategy, solutions, Networking products, and more.

How WAN Optimization Helps Enterprises Reduce Costs

In a recent Gartner survey1 of IT organizations, respondents cited data growth, system performance, and network congestion as their top three barriers to productivity. Because productivity enhances revenue, businesses are investing in technologies that boost it. But if it all relies on a network that is being deluged with data, how can IT professionals side-step these issues to increase productivity and reduce costs? Learn more.

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Four Little-Known Ways WAN Optimization Can Benefit Your Organization

You know that WAN optimization has evolved into a complete system that optimizes traffic across a broad range of most popular applications while providing deep visibility into performance. However, today's comprehensive solutions can improve just about every major IT initiative. Read this short white paper to learn how next-generation WAN optimization solutions can benefit your organization more than ever before.

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SharePlan Security

SharePlan is a continuous, secure, enterprise-ready file sync and share platform that facilitates smart, real-time collaboration across all devices. Because laptops and mobile devices often are connected to unsecured networks, a very high standard of security is required to ensure privacy.

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Three Ways Your DNS Can Impact DDoS Attacks

Domain Name System (DNS) plays a big role in consumers' day-to-day Internet usage and is a critical factor when it comes to distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Learn three ways your DNS can have an impact on DDoS attacks.

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3 Reasons Why You Need Real User Web Performance Measurements

Learn why a traditional (technical) understanding of website performance needs to be replaced with a competitive one, a model where performance equates to revenue.

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The Winter Games - Your Way

During the 2014 Winter Olympics, video streams from the Akamai network reached devices internationally. Learn how Akamai provided stream security and analytics capabilities 24/7, and find out about key statistics that Akamai collected. Read this blog for a window into understanding the true freedom that a quality online experience unlocks.

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Interested in True Network Performance? Measure it From an Application Perspective.

More than ever before, applications are becoming the lifeblood for most organizations. Consider online retailers, insurance providers, banks or any company that delivers a service over the cloud. Their entire brand identity is wrapped up in the performance of their applications, which means that any service delays or interruptions can quickly translate to lost customers, reduced revenue and a damaged reputation.

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EMA Radar for Application-Aware Network Performance Management 2013

According to industry analyst Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), Riverbed Cascade stacks up extremely well against the competition. How well? In particular, Cascade outperforms other application-aware network performance management solutions in such important areas as product strength and cost efficiency. Read the EMA whitepaper to get the full story.

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Marketing Analytics Handbook: Marketing ROI for the Mobile Workforce

Mobility is redefining marketing analytics capabilities. This Marketing Analytics Handbook demonstrates how 24/7 visibility into marketing ROI and other KPIs make real-time analysis of business information easily accessible to the mobile workforce.

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Infor Epiphany Solution Overview

Top customer-oriented companies are dramatically changing the way they communicate with their customers and prospects by taking advantage of an integrated, cross-discipline customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enhances every customer interaction. Infor Epiphany leads the way in enabling enterprises to deliver more timely and relevant messages and create longer lasting and more valuable customer relationships.

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CRM and Social Media

Social media platforms are now commonly part of the marketing mix. Using social media sites as a delivery platform for marketing messages can be significantly less expensive than advertising buys, traditional PR and tradeshows. Discover five key guidelines to social CRM success.

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Bridging Channels Strengthens Customer Relationships

Customers use multiple channels to interact with the companies they do business with. A disjointed experience across those channels can lead to frustration, dissatisfaction, and churn, yet few companies have developed a cohesive approach to seamlessly connect customers. This expert Q&A with the Peppers & Rogers Group discusses how business leaders can navigate an effective course for managing multichannel customer relationships.

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10 Key Considerations for a Successful Online Video Strategy

Video will represent 86 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2016. Video technology has become more ubiquitous and also more complex. A holistic video strategy can help you deliver a quality user experience. Download this paper now to understand the top ten considerations for a successful online video strategy.

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The 12 PCI DSS 3.0 requirements addressed by Peer 1 Hosting

A new version of the PCI DSS standard was released in January of this year, containing some new and updated requirements. This handy quick reference outlines the 12 PCI DSS 3.0 requirements, who needs to be compliant and how Alert Logic solutions address the new standard.

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Defense Throughout the Vulnerability Life Cycle

Defending against application security threats is an ongoing battle. With new threats emerging every day, this whitepaper provides insight into how to leverage threat and log management technologies to protect your IT assets throughout their vulnerability life cycle.

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Hedge Your Bets

Generate Greater Cash Flow by Optimizing Opportunities; Unlocking existing contingency funds can boost operational agility and give your company more room to develop future profit. This report explains how visibility and increased governance is key to reducing risk. It contains the latest findings from The EPPM Board. You'll learn how business value can be gained from greater executive oversight into performance.

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Face Time Anytime

Real-time communications facilitates team collaboration from nearly anywhere in the world. With facts and figures you can use to justify an investment, this paper highlights how your organization can reduce carrier services, lower maintenance costs, centralize trunking, reduce servers by running UC on VMs, and enhance productivity.

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Alert Logic: Leader in Forrester Wave evaluation of emerging MSSPs

The numbers show a clear trend: there is a growing consensus among CISOs that outsourcing security services is a viable option. In this paper Forrester shares the results of their 15-criteria evaluation of the top ten emerging players in the MSSP market.

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Hands-on with Google's new "Chromebox for meetings"

The basic functionality people know and love from Google+ Hangouts is ready for action in a conference room down the hall from you. Google developed a remarkably simple product leveraging two of their key strengths - cloud based services and Chrome OS software. A "Chromebox for meetings" is pretty much what the name implies -- a Chromebox with some additional kit for video meetings. The release hardware may vary, but it is likely to contain:

- A Google Chromebox, with wired and wifi connectivity
- A USB HD web cam
- A USB microphone/speakerphone
- A custom Bluetooth/RF remote control with a d-pad and full qwerty keyboard on the rear.

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Video moves into IT's sweet spot

Moving onto shared IT infrastructure, as well as mobile devices, video technology is finding its way into a wide range of organizations and applications.

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