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Cloud Computing White Papers

Cloud Computing white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Cloud Computing strategy, solutions, Cloud Computing products, and more.

CIOs Deliver Productivity Breakthroughs with Intelligent Digital Signage

Retailers have long recognized the influence that digital signage provides over a shopper's point-of-purchase decision making process. Today's savvy CIOs and business leaders apply the same fundamental physics in supply chain, contact center, healthcare, and corporate settings to increase their companies' efficiencies and productivity by leveraging business visualization and intelligent digital signage systems.

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The Forrester Wave™: File Sync And Share Platforms, Q3 2013

Sharing files is something that nearly every business in the world does on a daily basis, and IBM has built a robust set of file sharing and sync tools that makes sharing information extremely easy, efficient and secure. Many solutions in market are designed for consumers and are lacking the security and controls that businesses require. Where IBM stands apart is by tightly integrating file sharing into the social collaboration experience and with external systems of record. Download this Analyst report to read why IBM SmartCloud for Social Business was cited as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: File Sync And Share Platforms, Q3 2013 report.

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Brunswick Case Study

IBM SmartCloud services help improve technology fitness through a hybrid environment. Brunswick Corporation designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes a wide variety of products for prominent brands in the marine, fitness, and bowling and billiards industries.
Brunswick Corporation needed to upgrade to newer technology that could support its mobile workforce. Seeking to reduce IT spend, the manufacturer contracted with IBM to implement a hybrid environment, keeping core business applications on-premises and moving email and online meetings to the cloud. By so doing, Brunswick estimates that it avoided hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital expenditures, and is saving up to USD75,000 annually.

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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Case Study: AMAG Pharmaceuticals

As an IT pioneer in the pharmaceuticals industry, AMAG realized that SaaS backup and recovery would give them the confidence to fully embrace cloud-technologies. Learn about their revolutionary approach to IT and how Spanning Backup supports it with backup and recovery for Google Apps.

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9 Essentials for a Complete Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution

Choosing a backup solution can be complex, but it doesn't have to be. In 9 Essentials for a Complete Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Solution, we'll walk you through potential sources of data loss in the cloud and provide you with a checklist that you can use to evaluate any cloud-to-cloud backup provider.

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Report: Back Up Critical Cloud Data before It's Too Late

Read the February 2014 Forrester Research Inc. Report, Back Up Your Critical Cloud Data Before It's Too Late: Cloud-To-Cloud Backup Emerges As A Practical Option For Cloud Data Protection by Rachel Dines, Senior Analyst. Brought to you by Spanning Cloud Apps.

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Trends Shaping Software Management: 2014

Meeting the challenges of mobility, cloud computing and virtualization in the software realm.

Most IT executives recognize the relationship between mobile computing and worker productivity, and have long issued notebook computers and other mobile devices to road warriors and employees who work extended hours. In cases where they have no mobile device policy, users often take matters into their own hands.

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How WAN Optimization Helps Enterprises Reduce Costs

In a recent Gartner survey1 of IT organizations, respondents cited data growth, system performance, and network congestion as their top three barriers to productivity. Because productivity enhances revenue, businesses are investing in technologies that boost it. But if it all relies on a network that is being deluged with data, how can IT professionals side-step these issues to increase productivity and reduce costs? Learn more.

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REST easy: API Design, Evolution and Connection

RESTful design increases API performance, reduces development effort, and minimizes operational support burden. By following a few best practices and selecting RESTful tooling, teams can easily design, evolve, and connect RESTful APIs. Find out more by downloading this White Paper.

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DevOps meets ALM in the Cloud - Cloud DevOps PaaS

To improve software delivery performance and effectiveness, teams need automation, governance, architecture best practices, and increased team collaboration. Find out how to:
-Decrease time to market
-Streamline development processes
-Deliver on-time and in-budget
-Meet compliance mandates

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The Path to Responsive IT

A responsive IT team enables on-demand self-service, ticketless IT, a low cost structure & wider participation. When extending the IT team to analysts, power-users, out-sourced teams & contractors, a responsive IT structure consistently and automatically enforces compliance and governance policies.

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WSO2 Reduces Infrastructure Cost and Improves Agility

By adopting WSO2's cloud-native multi-tenant deployment topology and offering middleware as a service, your team can reduce costs and deliver a complete solution for 1/8 the total cost required when deploying proprietary terrestrial (non-cloud) solutions. Download this white paper to find out more.

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WAN Sizzle

With a shift in traffic patterns from recent trends like virtualization, mobility and cloud - IT organizations need to get more effective usage from current WAN links. This article provides some insight into WAN optimization technologies.

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Innovating Cloud Backup with Veeam

With built-in WAN acceleration and the ability to perform high-performance backup from storage-based snapshots, award-winning backup and replication vendor, Veeam, leverages virtualization and cloud technologies to innovate and protect the modern data center.

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How to Cope with the Second Screen

One of the biggest trends to engage with your customers is second screen or companion screen; the use of an additional screen e.g. tablet, smartphone while watching television. For second screen to be successful, organizations must have the ability to synchronize content, interact with viewers in real-time on the screen (whatever that screen might be) and deliver instant control from smartphones and tablets to TVs. What does this all mean for the organization and the mobile or web application developer? It means that information must be distributed in real-time so that it is delivered as 'live' as a verbal conversation.

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How to Reduce Hardware & Infrastructure Costs Through Data

Regardless of what business they are in, today's IT leaders are under pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously improving service resilience, volume and quality. In this paper, we take a look at how organizations are revisiting their network and server architecture in a bid to address the cost/performance dilemma. We'll review how, in today's multi-channel and constantly connected world, they're also redefining their approach to real-time data distribution; asking if it is possible to assure high performance data distribution while minimizing the complexity, hardware and infrastructure required to deliver scalable and resilient services.

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Case Study: Extending DR Protection for Apps W/O Fixed Costs/Fees

Find out how the city of Asheville, NC won the Global City on a Cloud Grand Prize from Amazon AWS for Best Practices by deploying CloudVelox for automated pilot light DR. Benefits included cost reduction, enhanced agility and protection for unprotected apps.

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Pilot Light DR for Amazon Web Services

Pilot light disaster recovery is a perfect use case for the cloud. With cloud-based DR, companies avoid costly capital expenses and staffing costs are minimized as the responsibility for maintaining a dedicated disaster recovery site belongs to the cloud service provider. Monthly payments are based on the services used, making the 'pay as you go' model much easier to budget. More applications can be protected as a result. Companies also enjoy the ability to test more frequently and to scale up and down as services demand. For all of these reasons, CloudVelox offers Pilot Light DR for AWS--automated cloud-based disaster recovery for multi-tier, physical and virtual production apps.

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Travel App Expands Globally via Robust Translation Management System

Using Smartling's translation management platform, Hotel Tonight, a popular mobile travel app that provides an easy way to book same-day hotel stays, was able to grow its business internationally. In this case study, you'll learn about how Hotel Tonight was able to quickly expand into key tourism markets including Mexico, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Belgium, to help them towards their goal of becoming the world's most-loved hotel booking app.

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Language: The Missing Piece in Your Marketing Technology Stack

Today's marketing technology stack offers a simplified, streamlined view of prospects and allows marketers to automate the customer conversion process. You may have a content management system ready to generate compelling content and email and social media marketing systems poised to send that content to prospects in a timely manner. The problem is that many of them don't speak your language.

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