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Infrastructure Management White Papers

Infrastructure Management white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Infrastructure Management strategy, solutions, Infrastructure Management products, and more.

Vblock™ Specialized System for High Performance Databases

Extend the efficiency of VCE converged infrastructure to your most demanding database needs. Learn how Vblock™ Specialized Systems have been designed to deliver high performance in the millions of IOPS - with millisecond response times, continuous availability, and exceptional flexibility for enterprise applications such as Oracle, all at a low total cost of ownership.

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Oracle EBS and RAC Performance & Elasticity on Vblock™ Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions such as Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) have been historically slow to migrate to a converged infrastructure and virtualization. Performance and elasticity are two of the key barriers. VCE Vblock™ Systems provide simple, low-risk solutions for migrating from a physical to virtual environment. Delivering Oracle EBS and RAC instances that can be consolidated on less hardware to improve utilization and reduce licensing costs. Vblock Systems allow IT organizations to effectively manage and allocate resources to meet the demands of a dynamic Oracle EBS environment.

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Backup and Recovery of Oracle EBS on VCE Vblock™ Systems

This solution architecture describes the key features and benefits of backup and recovery in the virtualized Oracle EBS on Vblock Systems with EMC Avamar.

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Zero Downtime Migration for Oracle EBS R12 with RAC on Vblock™ Systems

The validation testing of a typical customer configuration outlined in this white paper, utilizes a virtualized Oracle EBS environment. The results illustrate that dynamic workload demands satisfy SLAs, along with resource flexibility and lower TCO.

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Agility & Scalability for Oracle EBS R12 and RAC on VMware vSphere 5

Customers want to know that running Oracle EBS in a virtualized production environment will meet the needs of their business SLAs. This white paper outlines extensive performance and scalability testing of Oracle EBS applications on a Vblock™ Systems with vSphere 5.

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Oracle and VCE: The Next Step in Integrated Computing Platforms

In order to keep up with today's insatiable demand for data, high performance databases require high throughput, low latencies, and flexible scalability. In this ESG Lab review you will learn how a VCE system driven by Oracle, delivers the perfect blend of high performance and reliability.

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Migrate Oracle Apps from RISC/UNIX to Virtualized x86

Ready to move Oracle to a virtualized environment? This brief explains how true converged infrastructure can help you migrate from a RISC/UNIX environment and achieve the availability and scale your applications require. Learn how VCE VblockTM System helps ensure SLAs are maintained during migration, quality of service is improved and that licensing costs are reduced.

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Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization IDC

Over the next one to two years, several vendors will release major new versions of their virtualization products that will vastly boost their competitiveness. One such product is Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), a commercial package of the open source KVM hypervisor and the open source oVirt management tools. Red Hat is a key leader in Linux and open source, and its history of successfully commercializing open source bodes well for KVM and oVirt.

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Data Center Management eGuide

The demands on today's corporate data center are greater than ever, and show no sign of stopping. Innovative technologies such as the Internet of Things and Software-Defined Networking are forcing IT departments to rethink the way their data centers are structured and operate. Scalability and flexibility in the data center must improve, without significantly increasing complexity and cost. And data centers must ensure maximum energy efficiency in order to keep operating costs low and to comply with corporate mandates.

In this eGuide, InfoWorld, and sister publication CIO examine how new technologies will shape the data center going forward, what IT departments can expect, and how they can prepare. Read on to learn more about innovation in the data center.

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Reducing the cost and complexity of endpoint management

IBM now offers simpler, more affordable solutions for improving endpoint security, patch compliance, lifecycle management and power management within midsized organizations - helping provide continuous visibility, control and compliance while reducing costs and the burden on IT staffs.

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Information Lifecycle Governance Leaders Reference Guide

Data is growing at unprecedented rates. But how much of it is useful to your business? Read this leader guide from CGOC to learn how to deal with excessive data, get more value from information assets, ensure compliance, and reduce risk.

Sponsor: IBM


Disposing of Digital Debris - Information Governance Strategy and Practice in Action

Read this report from the Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council (CGOC) to learn how to reduce costs and increase performance by disposing digital debris.

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A CIO's Need to Know Guide to Improving Information Economics

Read this whitepaper to learn how CIOs can reduce costs and lower risks by driving improved information economics.

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Business Benefits of Running SAP on True Converged Infrastructure

Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study and examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by replatforming SAP on factory-integrated systems. The purpose of this study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact on their organization of implementing a VCE converged infrastructure solution for SAP.

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Cloud-Enabled Data Center Infrastructure: Maximizing Cloud Provider Revenue; Building a Firm Migration Foundation

Cloud-Based Delivery of IT infrastructure and Applications is radically changing the way businesses buy and use technology. But the cloud won't deliver full value to providers and users unless close attention is paid to physical infrastructure in the cloud data center. A trusted partner like Panduit can assist in designing and building the optimal cloud infrastructure.

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Transform Your Data Center from Basic to Strategic by Increasing Operational Efficiency and Optimizing Intelligence

Inefficiency in power and cooling can raise costs to unacceptable level and increase the challenge of running a strategic data center. Find out how data center and facilities management are able to use DCIM solutions and a pioneering "zone" approach to bridge the information gap and drive energy reduction and operational efficiency.

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University of San Diego Advances Academic Excellence with Vblock™

Needing a more flexible IT infrastructure to support academic excellence, and not wanting to piece together technologies on their own, University of San Diego turned to VCE Vblock™ Systems. This case study highlights how Vblock System enabled them to speed the rollout of new infrastructure by 75% while reducing IT implementation costs by 50%.

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Plains Midstream Canada Fast Forwards Integration of Acquired Assets

Rapidly integrating assets, systems and employees from a large acquisition is a major IT challenge. Learn how one oil and gas company leveraged VCE Vblock™ Systems to transform IT into an agile organization that was able to quickly on-board applications and speed deployment of new services without expanding its data center footprint.

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Lessons Learned from Virtualizing JD Edwards

Wanting to virtualize Oracle JD Edwards, a multi-national organization deployed VCE Vblock™. This case study describes how Vblock™ provided the business agility this global company required while dramatically reducing data center space requirements and power costs.

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Swiss Nuclear Power Plant Improves Business Continuity

Faced with a challenge to reliably mirror 10TB of data in real time while improving overall system robustness was the goal for a Swiss nuclear power plant. This case study explains why KKL chose VCE VblockTM Systems, how they configured the system, and how they were able to transform their twin data centers to ensure a highly-available, resilient operation in just two months.

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