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Data Center White Papers

Data Center white papers and technology resources for implementing and optimizing Data Center strategy, solutions, Data Center products, and more.

The Truth About Virtual Computing for CAD

If you're a user of graphics-intensive software such as 3D modeling, simulation and analysis, and visualization, you might be skeptical about moving to a virtualized computing environment. However, the Citrix XenDesktop virtualization solution with HDX 3D Pro graphics acceleration technology is not only delivering an excellent user experience, it's also delivering benefits that don't come standard on a traditional desktop computer.

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Enable secure remote access to 3D data without sacrificing visual perfomance

Design and manufacturing companies must adapt quickly to the demands of an increasingly global and competitive economy. To speed time to market for products, they need to be able to collaborate and manage design lifecycles effectively with offshore, mobile and remote employees. At the same time, they have to maintain security and control over intellectual property even as their workforce becomes more mobile and distributed, and their computing environment becomes more diverse.

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Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology

IBM is a leader in Gartner Inc's Magic Quadrant for Data Masking Technology. IBM received the highest positioning in the ability to execute and completeness of vision categories. Gartner reports that data masking should be mandatory for enterprises using copies of sensitive production data for application development, analytics or training. They also believe the market is expanding into production and unstructured data protection. Read the full report to learn about IBM.

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5 Ways Dropbox for Business Keeps Your Data Protected

Protecting your data isn't a feature on a checklist, something to be tacked on as an afterthought. Security is at the heart of Dropbox for Business, informing not only how we approach new features and enhancements, but also how we've designed the product itself. Download here to find out how we've built Dropbox for Business to keep data safe for all our users.

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Evaluating File Sync and Share Solutions: 12 Questions to Ask about Security

File sync and share can increase productivity, but how do you pick a solution that works for you? There will likely be a number of factors guiding your decision, and if you're like most businesses, security is high on the list. Download to learn some important questions to ask file sync and share vendors about security.

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The Wall Street Journal: CIO Journal

Article describes how cloud ITSM:
* Reduces drain on IT, increased response time
* Eliminates roadblocks to completion
* Enables IT to deliver better usability and access
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Datacenter eGuide

Today's enterprise data center is characterized by innovative technologies that are significantly improving IT performance, reliability, and efficiency. As these technologies evolve, they are becoming the cornerstone of modern IT infrastructures that support new and better ways of doing business. And data center technologies of tomorrow promise to build on today's advances.
In this eGuide, InfoWorld along with sister publications CIO and Computerworld look at some current and future trends in data center innovation. Read on to learn what technologies are essential for high-performing data centers today, and to get a glimpse of what the data center of tomorrow may look like.

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Cloud-to-Cloud Backup Case Study: AMAG Pharmaceuticals

As an IT pioneer in the pharmaceuticals industry, AMAG realized that SaaS backup and recovery would give them the confidence to fully embrace cloud-technologies. Learn about their revolutionary approach to IT and how Spanning Backup supports it with backup and recovery for Google Apps.

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Workload Change: The 70 Percent of Your Business DevOps Forgot

Organizations that have successfully integrated workload automation (WLA) into their software development lifecycle have seen substantial benefits. So why is WLA, also referred to as job scheduling or batching processing, largely missing from the DevOps discussion? Adding WLA early in the development process ensures that the benefits of DevOps accrue for all applications, including your batch services.  This paper explores the benefits in greater detail and explores possible ways to remedy the situation. 

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Oracle EBS and RAC Performance & Elasticity on Vblock™ Systems

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions such as Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) have been historically slow to migrate to a converged infrastructure and virtualization. Performance and elasticity are two of the key barriers. VCE Vblock™ Systems provide simple, low-risk solutions for migrating from a physical to virtual environment. Delivering Oracle EBS and RAC instances that can be consolidated on less hardware to improve utilization and reduce licensing costs. Vblock Systems allow IT organizations to effectively manage and allocate resources to meet the demands of a dynamic Oracle EBS environment.

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Backup and Recovery of Oracle EBS on VCE Vblock™ Systems

This solution architecture describes the key features and benefits of backup and recovery in the virtualized Oracle EBS on Vblock Systems with EMC Avamar.

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Keep Your Network Available, Efficient and Secure

Make the most of your network by working with experts who "get it." CDW and F5 have partnered to keep networks highly optimized. Keep your network highly available and redundant even during times of heavy traffic, shift application needs to maximize performance, and protect your network from the threats that might compromise data security.

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How to Reduce Hardware & Infrastructure Costs Through Data

Regardless of what business they are in, today's IT leaders are under pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously improving service resilience, volume and quality. In this paper, we take a look at how organizations are revisiting their network and server architecture in a bid to address the cost/performance dilemma. We'll review how, in today's multi-channel and constantly connected world, they're also redefining their approach to real-time data distribution; asking if it is possible to assure high performance data distribution while minimizing the complexity, hardware and infrastructure required to deliver scalable and resilient services.

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Networking Trends in 2014

Planning for a smoothly operating network requires more than simply maintaining solid operational skills. Change in technology is constant. Whether it's within or outside the data center, it impacts the enterprise network. Five key areas to monitor include bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, network optimization, data center changes, software-defined networks and IPv6. IT managers have weathered many of these waves previously, but they are back now, hitting heavier than before. Staying ahead of trends, carefully planning for upgrades and enhancements, looking to the horizon -- all are valuable business practices that also happen to support successfully operating a network. And a healthy network is an essential element to a healthy business.

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Delivering trusted information for the modern data warehouse

An agile warehouse environment helps organizations capitalize on analytics, optimize performance and uncover new insights. Learn about the capabilities and technologies required to provide trusted information for a next-generation data warehouse.

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The Forrester Wave for Big Data Hadoop Solutions

Read this report from Forrester Research and find out why IBM InfoSphere BigInsights was named a leader among 9 companies evaluated, and how it stands in relation to other big data Hadoop vendors.

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Data Warehousing: modern ecosystems for big data & analytics

Five years ago, IBM observed that the planet was becoming more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. Some 20,000 engagements later, here's what we've learned matters in designing a modern data warehouse.

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IBM PureData System for Analytics compared with Teradata

This report from ITG compares the cost and time to value of IBM PureData System for Analytics with that of Teradata DW Appliance 2750 using comparable applications and workloads. Read how IBM is more cost-effective and enables faster deployment.

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Huddle: Crush Build Times Using Your Team's Unused CPU's

Insanely fast build and test acceleration no longer means dedicated enterprise-sized datacenter, power and cooling costs. Huddle taps into teams' unused CPU capacity to form a virtual build acceleration pool, complete with a high-performance on-demand virtual filesystem. Read on to learn about Huddle's other features.

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Lowering Management Costs to Enable the Dynamic Data Center

Today's business consumers require rapid access to new tools, applications and services (mobile, social, analytics) and have become impatient with the slow application development/testing cycles and the inefficiency of today's data centers. CA Technologies believes that this situation needs to change. From CA Technologies perspective, enterprise data centers need to become more "dynamic" (more flexible and responsive to user demands for access to new applications and services). To become more dynamic, these data centers need to focus on: 1) building a flexible and efficient computing infrastructure upon which new services can be easily deployed; 2) finding ways to accelerate service delivery; and, 3) automating information systems management whenever possible to drive down management costs.

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